Random Orbit Sander

  • Random Orbit Sander

    The random orbit sander is the first choice of woodworkers because it is extremely efficient and safe. Basically, it is a rotating motor that orbits in an elliptical manner. By doing this the worker is assured of a scratch-free finish.


    How to Use the Random Orbit Sander

    The sander works by attaching a sanding disk to the bottom of the sanding pad. It should be used on flat surfaces only.  The sanding disk is held in place by Velcro coverings on both the sander and sanding disk. The sanding disks will have numbers on their Velcro side. The numbers will range from 80 to 220. This number determines how rough the sanding disk will be. The lower the number, the rougher the disk. So begin with 80 grit and work your way up to 220 grit. The sander is then turned on with the red switch. (See picture above) The sander will float across the work piece. The trick is to keep moving the sander with the grain of the wood.  It is also important not to let the sander stay in one location while running because this will cause a low spot in your work piece. This may not become visible until the finish has been applied.

    Some safety rules that apply to the random orbit sander.

        Wear safety glasses.

        Empty the dust collection device prior to operation.

        Change sanding disks with the sander unplugged.

        Never set the sander on the work benches while the sander is still moving