National Honor Society

  • National Honor Society

    Advisor/Contact Person: 

    Mission Statement/Purpose: To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of Jackson High School.

     2018-2019 Officers


    President: Clay Washington

    Vice President: Peyton Smith

    Treasurer: Adrianna Globokar

    Secretary: Anuj Vasil

    Sargeant at Arms: Ankit Om


    Members are expected to maintain the high standards of National Honor Society throughout their membership. 

    JHS NHS functions under a three strike policy for attendance, service, and other requirements; however, an immediate dismissal hearing policy is in effect for egregious violations such as cheating, underage drinking, drugs, etc.

    Each current member is expected to complete School Service (committees), Individual Service, and National Project Service:

    N-National Service Project

    H-High School Service Service- 3 per person, per year

    S-Self (Individual Community Service)-4 hours per semester

    *Any member who volunteers as a peer tutor in The Learning Commons is exempt from most In School Service hours and Community Service.



    To Become A Member- Requirements:

    There are four criteria (equally weighted) that are considered for NHS membership: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

    In September of each year, students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.6 or above are invited to attend an informational meeting in the fall

    At this meeting, students are given an application which they must complete, outlining their leadership and service.  Students are required to have 30 hours of community service and have served at least 3 different organizations.  All faculty members are asked to evaluated character of potential members. The final selections for NHS membership are made by the faculty council.

    Tapping of new members usually takes place during the school day with the formal induction ceremony during an evening program.  

    If you would like to begin collecting community service hours, you may use the applicant record sheet.

    Dues: $20 + $5.00 cord fee + $25.00

    Meeting Times: Meetings are at 7:15 am and 2:45 pm on the first Tuesday of every month

    Club Advisor:  Mr. Christopher Amedeo

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