American History


    week of 1/21/19  American History

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    Lesson Objectives:

      • The Great Depression was caused, in part, by the federal government’s monetary policies, stock market speculation, and increasing consumer debt. The role of the federal government expanded as a result of the Great Depression.
      • How did ordinary Americans endure the hardships of the Great Depression?
      • Could World War II have been prevented / What kinds of opportunities and hardships did the war create for Americans at home and abroad?


      Monday: No School


     Tuesday: Bell Work: Recap and Collect Chapter 33 Note book guide (sections 4-6) Great Depression Test Study Guide Day /Kahoot


    Wednesday:Test Great Depression /Pass Out Course Selection Worksheet for Students after the Quiz so they can start to prepare for 2019-2020 course selection process


     Thursday: Introduction to Chapter 34- Origins of World War II/ Complete Intro guide/ view crash course history causes of WWII


     Friday:Bell Work: AIR TEST Practice Question /Complete Section 2 notebook guide - Four Authoritarian Regimes




     Upcoming Test - Great Depression  January 23rd



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