American History


    week of 4/1/19  American History

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    Lesson Objectives:How did civil rights activists change their strategies and goals in the 1960s and 1970s, and how successful were they in achieving racial equality? / Why and how did the civil rights movement expand? / Was John F. Kennedy a great president? /What is the proper role of government in shaping American society?


    Monday: Cuban Missile Crisis - View Video from youtube  /


    TuesdayChapter 48 The Great Society  - Liberal vs Conservative Jigsaw Activity

    Wednesday:Chapter 48 Notebook guide - LBJ and The Great Society


     ThursdayChapter 48 Notebook Guide Discussion /Civil Rights/ Cold War Kahoot Review Game


     Friday:Preserving the Environment: Rachel Carson and  her book Silent Spring, / Class Discussion and video with video guide

    Link: Time: 1-11:00,59:00-1:38:00


     Upcoming Test - US History Air Test April 30th 




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