American History


    week of 11/18/2019  American History

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    Lesson Objectives


    How was World War I different from previous war / What were the MAIN causes of WWI / Why did the United States get involved with WWI  / How Did Americans on the homefront support or oppose WWI



    Introduction  to World War I

    Crash Course History - WWI

    Notebook Guide - MAIN causes of WWI and Reason the US entered the war (CUZ$)



    WWI America on the Homefront Poster Project

    Cooperative groups of 4 students working together to create a poster that will demonstrate how various groups of Americans mobilized on the homefront 

    Each Poster will have a title, opposition or support of the war, 2-3 specific ways that they supported or opposed the war, 2 ways that the war affected the group, decorate posters with an image that  represents the group



     Gallery Walk - students will travel around the room examining all of the posters (7 total) completing a notebook  guide activity



    U.S. History: Powerpoint: Cost and casualties of WWI

    Venn Diagram Activity: Comparing Wilson’s 14 Points Vs The Treaty of Versailles



    U.S. History: Chapter 25, Section 3 Guided Notes: Post war decisions and the Treaty of Versailles--YouTube Clip



    Up Coming Test


    World War I = TBA

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