FCCLA - Family, Career & Community Leaders of America

  • Purpose:
    To enable students to strengthen personal, family, and community relationships through skill development in the area of Culinary Arts and involvement in local, state, and national FCCLA activities.


    Monthly meetings during class, field trips and fine dining restaurants, participation in culinary competitions which usually include overnight lodging and entry fees, fund raisers to pay for expenses, community involvement projects, and leadership development activities.
    FCCLA caters various school and community banquets during the school year. We also participate in contests, such as Star Events, both local and state, in March and April.


    The advisor for FFCLA is Ms. Kunkel.


    Meetings are twice a month during class. We have approximately 40 members.

    Dues are paid through our club account.

    Enrollment in the Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management Program (Career and Technical).

    Fund Raisers:

    Fundraiser Dinners
    Tip collection in student-run restaurant
    Bake sales
    Cooking classes
    Restaurant promotions



    • Strengthen personal, family and community relationships through experience in FCCLA activities
    • Broaden friendships through FCCLA involvement
    • Contribute to our school, home and community in a positive manner
    • Represent our school with pride at competitions and FCCLA events
    • Develop a sense of budgeting, planning, earning and saving money in order to fulfill FCCLA goals
    • Improve personal career and leadership skills