Welcome to PE/Health

  • Hello and welcome to a new school year. I am Coach Patterson and I will be teaching PE/Health this year at the high school. I am also part of the volleyball and softball coaching staff.  Please use this website as a valuable resource for information. Study guides, extra credit, quizzes, etc. I am excited to be at the high school and hopefully can make this learning experience has fun and enjoyable as possible!! Have a great year!! 

    Expectations of PE:

    1.  HAVE FUN!!!
    2. Dress out
    3. Participation is key!!!

     Those students in physical education classes will engage in a variety of activities, with a primary focus on fitness and the Fitness for Life curriculum. We are trying to teach the students how to fit fitness into their lifestyle. 

    PE Activities

    1.  Teambuilding
    2.  Fitness Testing
    3.  Softball
    4.  Archery
    5.  Soccer
    6.  Flag Football
    7.  Speedball
    8.  Frisbee Games
    9.  Volleyball
    10. Floor Hockey
    11. Basketball
    12. Recreational Games

    Expectations of Health class:

    1.  Be on time and quietly in your seats to begin and end class
    2.  Complete your work
    3.  Make up missed work when absent
    4.  Respect the learning environment
    5.  Respect others in class
    6.  Respect property and keep it clean

    Students will study many topics in the semester course.  As a major focus, we often analyze the choices students make and how this impacts their future.

    Topics Covered

    1.  A Healthy Foundation- chapters 1-2
    2.  Nutrition and Physical Activity- chapters 10-12
    3.  Personal Care and Body Systems- chapters 13-17
    4.  Drugs- chapters 19-22
    5.  Healthy and Safe Relationships- chapters 6-9
    6.  Diseases and Disorders- chapters 23-25

    ABOUT ME!!! :)

    West Liberty State College- PE/Health major, Special Education minor
    Nova Southeastern University- Master's Degree in Athletic Adminisitration

    Teacher Experience
    Clark County School District- 10 years
    Las Vegas, Nevada 
    Jackson Local Schools- 1 year

    Coaching Experience
    Volleyball- 2010-present
    Softball- 2008- present
    Basketball- 2009-2012
    Flag Football- 2012-2014

    I have a daughter I love and adore
    I enjoy teaching and playing sports