General Safety Rules

  • Introduction


    The number one priority in the wood shop is safety. Any disregard for safety is a major violation in the shop and could result in removal from the class with a failing grade. Do Not take me lightly on this issue! The following list of rules is a basic guideline for having a safe working environment. Each tool will have specific rules that apply to them that you will have to learn in addition to these rules. These rules must be remembered at all times during the year to avoid an accident. Not following these rules could result in an injury that could affect you all of your life.

    Rule #1 No Horse Play in the shop-NONE.

    Rule # 2  Do not use tools that you have not received instruction on.

    Rule # 3  Wear safety glasses at all times.

    Rule # 4  Do not talk to or disturb others while operating machinery.

    Rule # 5  Secure long hair or loose clothing.

    Rule # 6  Never remove the guards from the machines.

    Rule # 7  Use the correct tool for the job.

    Rule # 8  Keep your work area clean and clear of debris.

    Rule # 9 If the machine you are using begins to make a strange noise, shut the tool off immediately and notify the instructor.

    Rule # 10 Notify instructor of any injuries, big or small.

    Rule # 11 Never leave a machine that is still running.