Ski Club

  • Jackie Pitzo- Advisor
    Goals: To offer students opportunity to learn a healthy, exciting, outdoor sport that can be enjoyed now and for a lifetime. Also this club promotes sportsmanship, safety, and confidence.
    How many people in the club:  about 40 to 50 members .
    When does the club meet?: Most Fridays in January and February, starting with the first Friday after winter break. We make 5 trips to Brandywine each season. We meet at Jackson High School at 3:30pm and return around 9:45pm.
    What fees are required for the club?: There are fees for the Lift Ticket and Lesson Package, also if you need rental equipment and transportation. Fees are determined by the ski resort and the transportation company.
    Special requirements to join the club: Must be a student or faculty member of Jackson.
    Activities in which the club participates: We ski and snowboard at Brandywine. We also participate in skiing and snowboarding lessons, and for advanced participants there are racing lessons. 
    Requirements to stay in the club: Follow the rules of the club and the resort. Also, all skiers must take lessons until they pass the advance test.
    Special trips the club takes: We may plan a trip to a larger resort named Peek n Peak, depending on the number of students who sign up, and volunteer parent chaperones.


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