CCP (College Credit Plus)


    New and returning students must complete this process every year!!!

    College Credit Plus (CCP) 2024-2025

    Informational meetings for parents and students in grades 6-11 :

    (All meetings are held at 6:30 PM in the JCPA at JHS.)


    November 8, 2023 - For FIRST-TIME CCP students interested in taking coursework through Stark State College ONLY (2024/2025 CCP Presentation; New to Stark State linked here

          December 13, 2023For RETURNING CCP students interested in taking coursework through Stark State College ONLY.

    January 10, 2024- For ANY student wanting to take CCP coursework through ANY college that did not attend one of the above meetings. If you cannot participate in one of the above meetings, even if it applies to you, you may participate in this meeting.


    The CCP Application Process will open after the first CCP informational meeting (11/8/23)

    STEPS for CCP 2024-2025

    Step One: 
    Attend a CCP Informational Meeting and complete the Intent to Participate form (released after the CCP meeting). 
    Step Two:
    Please submit an application to the college using the college website, applying as a CCP student under admissions.
    Step Three: 
    Take the proper assessment (ACT, SAT, Accuplacer) needed for the college of your choice.
    Jackson High School offers the following test dates for ACT and Accuplacer:
    *Juniors will be automatically registered to take the ACT in February 2024 at JHS.
    Step Four:
      If you attend Stark State College (only), complete the FERPA RELEASE FORM and submit it to Student Services.
    The Mature Content Permission Slip and Mature Content Questionnaire for Stark State College must be completed and returned to
    If you attend Kent State University Stark Campus, complete the Mature Content Permission Form. Please send the completed form to                                    
     All four steps are DUE by APRIL 1, 2024(Monday)!

    Important Resources: 

    College Credit Plus at Jackson High School
    College Credit Plus (CCP) is a dual-credit program in the state of Ohio within which:
    • Students may earn high school and college credits at the same time.
    • Students enroll and participate in college-level coursework


    • Increases access to college credits for high school students
    • Students do not have to pay for courses or textbooks when participating in this program.


    • Jackson offers in-house CCP courses to support students' learning and remove barriers when a student leaves campus (transportation, schedule conflicts, etc...)
    • Jackson offers the opportunity for students to earn an associate's Degree through a partnership with Stark State College.
    • If you leave the JHS campus, classes can be taken on the college campus of any of our partner schools: Kent State Stark, Stark State, Akron University, Aultman, Malone University, or Walsh University.


    • Students who have met the required score on the ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer in at least one subject area in addition to meeting the admission standards of the college to which they apply (students must apply to the college that offers the course they wish to take even if they are enrolling in an in-house course)


    • There is a potential for minimal cost to students to participate in CCP if they enroll at a public college or university. Jackson Local School District covers the cost of college tuition and textbooks, and fees may apply if students participate in private college or university courses. 
    • Students who receive an F or withdraw from a college credit plus course after the 14th day may be required to pay the system and book fee.




    Students can earn up to 30 credits annually, including high school-only credits or middle school courses. The 30-credit annual maximum includes the summer semester, considered the beginning of the academic year. Students can earn a maximum of 120 college credits throughout the entire program. (OAC 3333-1-65.2)
    To determine the maximum number of credit hours a student can register each academic year, you must calculate credits by subtracting this formula's high school-only course credits. Each high school course in a core subject area is worth three credits.
      30 - (# of High/Middle School-Only Courses X 3) = Max # Number of CCP Credits Per Year
    For example, if "John Smith" is taking Math, Science, and English in high school (3 courses = nine credits), his formula would look like this:
    30 - (3 X 3) = Max # of CCP Credits Per Year 
    30 - 9 = 21 CCP Credits Per Year
    Therefore, John would take up to 21 credits worth of CCP courses for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    Guidelines for Student Athletic Eligibility: The Ohio High School Athletic Association

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    Requesting books: A Remind will be sent out with a link to a Google form to
    request books before the beginning of each semester. For Fall books, the
    Remind link will be sent in early/mid-August. For Spring, it will be sent out in
    early January. For Summer, it will go out in May.
    Once you've submitted the Google request form, watch your JHS
    school email for further instructions on obtaining your particular books.

    Fall 2023 Book Request

    For CCP classes taught at JHS: You will receive your books from your
    the classroom teacher and should return your books to the same teacher.

    For CCP classes taken directly through a college:
    WITH YOUR COLLEGE. Getting books from the college without authorization
    from JHS could result in students being charged for the books purchased.

    Returning CCP books: CCP books obtained at JHS TLC or purchased
    through a college bookstore must be turned in to Mrs. Williams at JHS TLC
    (remember, books received through the college bookstore are purchased by
    JLSD). Fall and Spring books are due the day after your final exam. Summer
    books are expected by the end of the first week of the Jackson school year. Books not
    returned by their due date will be charged to your student fees (total
    purchase price).

    Rental Books: If you are issued a rental book from a college bookstore, it must
    be returned to the college bookstore by the due date set forth by the college to
    avoid charges.