Pneumatic Nailers

  • Pneumatic Nailer

    There are a variety of nails guns on the commercial market. The one that we will be using is called a finish nailer.  We will use it to support our gluing procedures. Instead of holding our work pieces with clamps or by hand until the glue dries, under certain conditions we will use the finish nail gun. It is much faster. The gun is powered by air.


    How to use the Finish Nail Gun

    This is a very dangerous tool. Never point the gun in any direction other than down. Any horseplay with or around this tool will result in harsh punishment or removal from class with a failing grade. We need to cover safety first.

        Always wear safety glasses.

        Point the gun down at all times.

        Load nails with air hose disconnected.

        Make sure air hose is not going to be a tripping hazard.

        Do not hold the trigger down. Squeeze and release.

        Must oil daily for proper function.

        Use on nail provided by instructor.

        Never hold the pieces to be nailed with hands. Use clamps at all times.

    Once you are ready to use, load the nails into the gun. Plug in the air hose and turn air on. Clamp pieces to be nailed. Make sure to apply glue first.  Place nose of gun on joint to be nailed. Squeeze the trigger quickly and release. Do not hold or you will shoot one nail on top of another. Move to the next location for nailing and repeat process. When finished unplug air source, remove nails and put away.

    If the gun does not shoot a nail, do not keep pulling the trigger. The gun is jammed and firing will cause the hammer that drives the nail to bend or break. Get the instructor immediately.