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    Congratulations to

    Freshman Chorus, class C

    Men's Chorus, class AA

    Women's Chorus, class AA

    Chorale, class AA

    For your superior ratings at the

    OMEA EC State Choir Adjudicated Event!


     Have a great summer!


    UPCOMING EVENTS (see the full calendar under the calendars, handbook, forms, and documents page for all events and rehearsals)



    2018-2019 JHS Choir Fee and Form were due Friday, September 14, 2018. 

    Items due:

    1) Handbook Agreement Form - a PDF of this form can be downloaded and printed from the calendars, handbook, forms and documents page accessible in the top left corner of this page.

    2) $50.00 Choir Fee - The choir fee is a fee in lieu of a district fee and checks should be made out to the JHS Choral Boosters.


    Check out the links on the left (under "my home page") to access more information.



    The Choral Parent Survival Guide for 2018-2019 will be available soon on the documents page for download as a PDF. This is a great resource for what goes on in the choral department. It also has a great contact list for the boosters.

    Choir members and parents should consider signing up for their respective Remind (formerly Remind101) account. This year there will be a specific Remind account for parents! This is an excellent communication device that allows me to text or email everyone at one time with important information. It is very safe and secure. I do not receive your cell phone number and you do not receive my phone number. It is solely used for me to disseminate information that may include reminders or changes to the schedule. This account is for both students and parents so that everyone is informed. To sign up for this, click on the tab on the top left side of this page that says Remind Signup Instructions, download the .pdf and follow the instructions on the pdf for your choir. 

    Check out the Calendars, Forms, Handbook, and Documents link to the left for files and documents that are handed out in class. They will be available as they are passed out in class. This will include the handbook, papers to sign and turn in, calendar, and more! The Concert Observation form will be added to this page.

    Check out the link on the bottom of the page called You can search for performances in the area that may qualify for a concert observation! 

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mr. E or Miss Galloway through email or at HS ext. 1451 (Mr. E) ext. 1450 (Miss Galloway).

    Please Email Mr. E if there is something you would like me to add to the website!