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    Advisor: Mrs. Harp



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    JHS OUTDOOR CLUB 2023-2024

    Did you know doctors are now prescribing nature as a treatment for high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and ADHD?  There are so many health benefits from simply spending time OUTSIDE.  Just google it!  It has been proven that spending just a little time outside can reduce the stress you feel from school and life plus bring you increased happiness.  


    1. Please dress appropriately for all outdoor activities.  Gloves, hats, boots, and raincoats may be needed for some events depending on the time of year.


    1. Please arrive at events wearing a mask and only take off the mask when at a safe social distance of 6 feet or more from others.


    1. Stay in good academic and behavioral standing with JHS or your club membership may be revoked.  


    1. There is no school transportation or school funding for Outdoor Club. You are on your own to get a ride to activities and pay any fees associated with the activity.  


    1. Announcements regarding activities will be exclusively through Remind. Text the code @outsideJHS to 81010 to sign up.  



    I grant permission for my child ____________________________ to participate in all Jackson Outdoor club activities.  


    I have an emergency medical form filled out for my child with the school through the online First Day Forms.


    Jackson High School, along with the outdoor club advisor and chaperones, are not liable for any injuries that may occur during outdoor club events.

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