Film Club

Advisor: Mrs. Despot

  • Goal/Mission:

    • The goal of film club is to provide an opportunity for self-expression through the art of filmmaking. Our members will immerse themselves in one or more of the multiple aspects of filmmaking in order to study and learn their chosen art to capture their vision and share that vision with their peers. Not only will this teach them to collaborate with others, but also to appreciate others’ ideas. 

    2020-2021 Officers:

    • President: Asterin Everett Grey (12th)
    • Vice President: Lydia Humbert (12th)
    • Secretary: Doha Khan (11th)
    • Team Heads:
      • Photographers: Emily DeRosa (10th)
      • Screenwriters: Olivia Howell (9th) 
      • Editing: TBD
      • Acting: TBD
      • Soundtrack Artists: TBD


    • Seasonal photographer/filmographers 
      • Fall/Winter/Spring sports (rally/banquet videos)
      • JSA events (recruitment video)
      • Session work (senior photos, portraits)
    • Screenwriters
    • Actors/Actresses
    • Soundtrack Artists
    • Cinematographers
    • Video Editors

    Number of Members: 13

    Club Meets: First Monday of every month


    • $10 annual dues
    • $10 tees (optional)