Credit Flex

  • Educational Options


    The Board believes that by identifying and adopting the concept of educational options for all students, the flexibility of its educational program will be enhanced, thus expanding students’ learning opportunities.


    Options may include tutorial programs, independent study, correspondence courses, educational travel, mentorship/internship, summer school, early college entrance, community service programs, distance education, and/or demonstration of mastery of course content.  Students earning high school credit may be eligible to earn credit for certain educational options.  Credit and grade earned shall be placed on the student’s transcript.  The credit counting toward graduation shall comply with the state standards.


    Jackson High School is providing educational options to students through such areas as independent study courses, educational travel, mentorship/internship, and distance learning courses.  This is not an inclusive list of educational options.  Although college credit plus (CCP) is an educational option, it does not fall under these guidelines.



    Credit flex is an education option that gives students a way to be in charge of their learning.  The key to this option is that the student drives the request to learn differently as well as the plan to earn the credit. Credit Flex is an independent study of your chosen high school course, and the rigor for completing a course on your own should not be taken lightly.

    You may earn a grade for the course, which is reflected in the high school GPA and on the high school transcript. A credit flex grade will not be recorded on report cards.  For courses that have a State End of Course Test, students are required to take that test during state designated testing windows. (For example, students completing a summer credit flex course that requires an EOC test, would test during the fall testing window)


    Some cautions of Credit Flex:

    • May require the student to teach themselves with little to no support.  This option does not involve JHS instructors or provide for JHS student interaction.

    • May not adequately prepare a student for maximizing their score on the ODE end-of-course test (when applicable), which the student must still take as a graduation requirement.

    • May put the student at a disadvantage for performance in subsequent or sequential courses or may not match the academic standards for Jackson High School.

    • Please understand that all credit flex proposals must be approved by the team.  Teams may make recommendations regarding resources for courses or require mastery of prerequisite skills in order to encourage student success.

    • If the course is not completed by the credit flex deadline, students will receive an F in the class, and that grade will be reflected on the transcript.



    1. Review and print the application

      1. The online application is a fillable form; you and your child are encouraged to complete as much of the form as you can prior to your meeting with the school counselor.

    2. Set a meeting with the appropriate school counselor

      1. Middle school students meet with their middle school counselor

      2. High school students meet with their school counselor


    Deadlines for Credit Flex Application:

    • Friday before Spring Break for students wishing to credit flex a course over the summer or for the next school year.

    • December 1 for students wishing to credit flex a semester course for the second semester.


    Educational Program Options/Application (Credit Flex): This form should be reviewed and completed prior to setting a meeting with the appropriate school counselor. You may refer to the Ohio Department of Education Content Standards as guidance for your credit flex plan.