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    Purple Star district.

    We support our military families and provide a community for our military connected youth. 


    District Military Liaison

    Monica Myers, Jackson Local School District's director of curriculum, instruction, and assessment, can be reached via email by clicking here, or email monica.myers@jackson.sparcc.org.

    Military-Connected Youth May Bulletin


    Summer Military Moving Season 

    Military families can receive orders and move across the country or world at any time; the summer season is a peak time for such transitions. MCEC offers a free online tool called SchoolQuest, designed to aid families in navigating school transitions and minimizing stressors that may impact academic success. SchoolQuest has academic trackers, customizable checklists, and school search capabilities. Tools like SchoolQuest and the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children lower barriers for military families when transitioning.  For additional resources, access “Supporting Your Service Member Before a Military Move. 


    2024 Military Teen Experience Survey 

    The National Military Family Association (NMFA) and Bloom: Empowering the Military Teen have partnered to better understand the experience of America's military teens. The 2024 Military Teen Experience Survey is open to children of military services members between the ages of 13 to 24. Please share this opportunity with military teens in your school. 


    Ohio Military Kids Summer Camps 

    Registration is now open for Ohio Military Kids teen, youth, and family camps for military-connected youth. The purpose of Ohio Military Kids camp programs is to provide positive development experiences for youth with parents deployed in military service. They offer the opportunity for youth in similar circumstances to connect, learn, and have fun in an outdoor setting.

    Saluting Those Who Serve

    Jackson Local School District wants to honor the students and family members of active-duty military personnel and veterans. Our mission is to strive for excellence and to assist the children of military families to be successful at school and in the community. With the challenges that come with being in a military family, we want to extend our hands out to assist you in any way possible. Below you will find helpful links to several military family resources. 

    Thank you for your service!


    Supporting Ohio's Military Families


    Since Sept. 11, 2001, more than 18,000 Ohio National Guard members have been deployed to serve in the global war on terrorism. Altogether, more than 60,000 Ohioans have actively served their nation away from home. Approximately 34,000 students in Ohio are members of military families. Frequent moves and family separations through deployments, as well as reintegration issues make life especially challenging. Ohio offers a number of programs to assist military families. | View the Infographic

    Educator License Fees Waived for Veterans and Those in the Military

    The Ohio Department of Education is eliminating fees for educator licenses to recognize the contributions of military families. Beginning Jan. 2, 2015, the fees for any initial Ohio educator license, permit or certificate – or for a renewal – will be waived for candidates who are veterans or current service members of all branches of the United States Armed Forces, including the National Guard or Reserves. Spouses of active duty services members also may receive a license free of charge. Learn More

    Purple Star Award

    The Purple Star Award for military-friendly schools recognizes schools that show a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation’s military. Schools that earn the award will receive a special Purple Star recognition to display onsite. Learn More

    Troops to Teachers

    Troops to Teachers is a national program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education and administered by the Department of Defense through an agency called the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). The program helps eligible military personnel begin new careers as teachers in PK-12 public schools where their skills, knowledge and experience are needed most. Learn More

    Month of the Military Child

    In 1986, the Secretary of Defense designated each April as “The Month of the Military Child” and all branches of services provide special days and events to honor their children. This commemoration recognizes the contributions that military children make as their parents, guardians and families serve our nation. Because of their resilience and ability to deal with life-changing events, military children are an inspiration and a source of pride for our nation.

    Military Education Coalition

    Military Child Education Coalition

    This website has a wide variety of information for parents and educators. MCEC is widely known as a reliable source of current information. The advantage for parents using this website is the opportunities for involvement for students and families.

    These links may be particularly helpful:






    Military Children on the Move

    Military Children on the Move

    This a military-operated website designed to help Military Connected Families in every aspect of their life. This is a site that can help families in a variety of aspects other than just education. There is a wealth of information intended to assist the military family.

    SchoolQuest for Transitioning Students

    SchoolQuest provides many resources for parents and educators. One set that is invaluable is the Transitioning Student list. This includes a checklist for the Student Transitioning, Students with Disabilities, Gifted, and English Language Learner. Parents will be able to use the checklists to help have discussions with incoming and outgoing schools. This may help reduce the lack of services and participation due to slow delivery of paperwork. Parents and educators can search for information on a wide variety of topics. SchoolQuest General Page.

    Military Family Resources

    • Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission - Ohio is one of 50 states involved in the Interstate Compact for Educational Opportunities for Military Children, which is working to ensure that military children are properly enrolled in schools, have eligibility for school activities and have assistance in meeting graduation requirements. Learn about the compact on this website. For for additional information, contact ODE staff members Pete Lupiba, the council’s state commissioner, at Pete.Lupiba@education.ohio.gov | Working with Ohio’s Military Kids: what educators need to know

    • Veterans Executive Order Report - A comprehensive look at what state departments, boards, commissions and our institutions of higher education can do to support Ohio’s veterans and service members, and to make our state an ideal home for veterans seeking to launch their civilian careers.

    • House Bill 488 - Revised Code to require state institutions of higher education to award credit for military training, to increase penalties for certain theft, deception, and identity fraud offenses when the victim is an active duty service member, to allow for a civil action for victims of identity fraud, to make other changes regarding state support and benefits for veterans and their spouses, and to clarify membership in the State Teachers Retirement System.

    • Health Care Licensing for Military Members and Spouses - If you or your spouse is a current or retired member of the armed forces of the United States, or a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, including the Ohio national guard, the following information is provided to help you in obtaining licensure or certification by the Ohio Board of Nursing.  

    • Ohio National Guard’s Family Readiness Program - This program provides information and tools for Ohio families, including educational resources, youth camps, and recreational opportunities. 

    • Ohio National Guard Strong Families - Facebook Page.



    Military OneSource

    This is a military-operated website designed to help Military Connected Families in every aspect of their life. This site can help families in a variety of aspects outside of education as well. Click the link below to find out more.

    Military OneSource


    Scholarships & Other Resources

    Below are resources to find additional information on military-specific scholarships and discounts.


    Discounts & Benefits