College Planning

  • College Planning Guidelines for:

    College Representative Visits:
    College representatives come to Jackson and visit throughout the year. You can see which colleges are coming when you log in through your Naviance account. Click on the "Colleges" tab and scroll down to "College Visits." This is a great way to take advantage of seeing what the college has to offer and if they could be a good fit for you. The interest you show in a college is a factor when the college is deciding admittance. This is a great opportunity to have the college reps put your face with your name. You just need to sign up in Student Services atleast a day before the college is coming.
    Admission counselors can now go to to schedule an appointment with Jackson High School.
    How to request a transcript:
    There are a couple ways that a transcript can be requested from student services. 
    1. If you need a hard copy sent in the mail and you are a current JHS student, fill out this transcript request form (hard copies can be found in the student services office) and bring it along with $2.00 per request to Mrs. Hawkins in the student services office.
    2. If you are requesting a transcript electronically through the Common App, an email will be sent to the counselor that you enter. You DO NOT have to fill out any additional forms or pay a fee. Once the counselor completes your transcript request, you will be notified through email.
    3. If you are a JHS graduate, please use the graduate transcript release form.
    See below in the related files. This form could be given to anyone that you are requesting to write you a letter of recommendation for admission to college, scholarships, or other awards. It is highly suggested that you give one to your counselor also. 
    Other Information:
    A presentation given to Seniors on "Navigating the Common Application"
    Handouts from our "Financial Aid Night" (goes over the FAFSA) can be found below
    Handouts from our "Getting Set for College" Night

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