La Catrina - A Spanish soap opera created to teach Spanish to American students.

  • What is "La Catrina"?

    La Catrina is an educational Spanish soap opera for American students learning a foreign language. This mini-television soap opera was filmed in Mexico using Spanish speaking actors. La Catrina was designed to teach the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture by means of a dramatic storyline taken place in Querétaro, México.

    By viewing this TV mini series, the students will benefit in several ways. The students will be listening to different native speakers. This will promote the development of their listening skills. They will also learn new vocabulary and grammar. In addition, they will gain a cultural understanding of Mexico. In class, the students will have the opportunity to speak in Spanish and retell the story and answer questions about the various episodes.

    This mini series in an invaluable tool in teaching the Spanish language beyond the standard textbook.