Señor Fradl

  • ¡Hola! ¡Bon Bini! Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! Since you are fortunate to have landed on my Web page, I invite you to know me and my birthplace just a little bit better.

    I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Aruba (in the Caribbean Sea). I graduated from high school in Aruba, and then I came to the United States to attend college. I graduated from Mitchell College in Connecticut with an Associate Degree. Then I continued my education at Bowling Green State University in Ohio where I received my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in education.

    Since 1986, I have been teaching at Jackson High School, in Massillon, Ohio. I teach Spanish levels 2-3-4. In addition, I was also the varsity boys' soccer coach. Soccer is my favorite pastime. In Aruba it is the national sport. I started playing soccer at the age of seven. There, I played for the first division team of "La Fama" and played twice for the National Team. While attending college, I continued playing soccer both at Mitchell College and at Bowling Green. At Mitchell College, I was selected as an All-American. Soccer doesn't end there for me. I also play weekly on a men's traveling team. Once soccer is in the blood of a person it cannot be removed. It is a good sport and simultaneously good exercise. They say that "soccer is for the body (heart) what reading is for the mind".

    In regards to my personal life, I am married to a wonderful woman named Laura and we have two beautiful daughters named Andrea and Gina. They are very energetic and a pure joy.