Online Dictionaries (5)


    Word Reference Online Spanish/French Dictionary
    I recommend this online dictionary for my students. Remember to read all entries, being careful to choose correctly for a noun, adjective, verb., and so one. Also: a huge feature of this site is found as you scroll down each page and look for special uses of the word entered. This is outstanding!

    The Free Dictionary by Farlex
    TheFreeDictionary.com allows you to create your own personal homepage by adding and removing, dragging and dropping, and "using or losing" existing content windows. In addition, you can add your own bookmarks, weather information, horoscope, and RSS feeds from anywhere on the web. There are news reports and very specific vocabulary resources available in 13 languages! This is a pretty amazing and informative site for all linguaphiles.

    Lingro -
    The coolest dictionary known to hombre! A very user friendly dictionary for many languages, especially useful for interpreting authentic texts. Not only can you search simple meanings from one language to another by selecting the DICTIONARY option, but you can also enter the link to a Web site article that has difficult vocabulary. It automatically creates an interactive dictionary for you to use while reading, by clicking on any word in the article to see the meaning. DIRECTIONS ARE ON THE HOMEPAGE FOR THIS FUNCTION, LABELED 1 AND 2. Enjoy this tool for help while interpreting difficult texts.

    Real Academia Española : Spanish Royal Academy Dictionary
    Real Academia Española: Las lenguas cambian de continuo, y lo hacen de modo especial en su componente léxico. Por ello los diccionarios nunca están terminados: son una obra viva que se esfuerza en reflejar la evolución registrando nuevas formas y atendiendo a las mutaciones de significado.

    Bab.la Language Portal
    This site (originating from Germany) offers Spanish to English and English to Spanish dictionaries. Great additional features include context sentences, idioms, and useful phrases for learning Spanish.

     Avancemos Textbook Sites (2)

    Avancemos 4 Interactive site
    Use this updated Avancemos 2010 link to access the online textbook, practice quizzes, intervention assigned by Sra. Draggett, on;ine recording and writing, and much more!

    This is the companion site to our Avancemos textbook series. There are grammar video explanations, verb practice, vocabulary practice, quizzes, and Cultura Interactiva to offer great enrichment and extra practice.




    » The College Board (1)

    College Board
    All AP students should sign in and establish a password to access important information about AP learning and testing!



    » American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (1)

    Link - description

    A rich resource for teachers of Spanish and Portuguese


    » National Spanish Exam (1)

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    NSE Official Site
    The National Spanish Exam is sponsored by the AATSP and offers students exams in achievement and proficiency. Access these past exams for rigorous practice and for vocabulary building, listening and reading practice, and grammar application prior to test dates in the Spring. they are also great practice before any high stakes tests, such as the AP exam, SAT II exams, and college placement testing. Accept the challenge!



    » Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (1)

    Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish Honor Society)
    Visit this home page to learn more about our Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica.



    » Spanish Language Learning Sites (12)

    Ejercicios de español para extranjeros (http://www.ver-taal.com/)
    I really love this site! It offers Spanish learning for non-native speakers...but focusing on authentic texts, both audio and written. There are vocabulary and grammar helps, comprehension quizzes, games,and more. Learn through lessons bsed on news reports, interviews, film trailers, cultural themes, etc.

    ECOS Online
    This is a magazine that you can subscribe to with a wide variety of activities linking language and culture. There are both reading and listening for practicing interpretive skills, with some integration of skills, along with news Podcasts and Blogs. You will notice that this Spanish learning site and magazine are from Germany, so you will have to navigate by reading the Spanish (great relevance), unless you understand German! The AP Prep book that we use has many references to ECOS. You can also access past issues through the archives and subscribe to receive the regular magazine.

    Spanish News Bites
    For interpretive skills...This is much more than news...There are Podcasts on a variety of themes: Culture, economy, politics, etc., with texts and bolded words that you can scroll over for meanings in English...but only if needed please! Remember that it is always better to infer the meaning from context, wherever possible.

    Bowdoin Spanish Grammar Site
    An excellent resource for reviewing notes on just about ANY Spanish grammar point, each set of notes followed by an interactive practice quiz with automatic feedback. This is a great site for upper level (Spanish IV.AP, and university)grammar practice.

    Colby Web Site for Spanish Proficiency Exercises
    I often ask my students to do practice work from this Web site. It is outstanding. There are grammar lessons which can be accessed via the SITE MAP. Also, the special units with songs, poetry, and practice are amazing!

    BBC Spanish Language Learning Site
    The BBC offers great audio, video, and written lessons in Spanish. Beginners can even sign up for the Spanish Steps program. Also, there are links from this page to learning other languages.

    Spanish Grammar Notes
    This site offers a variety of Spanish language notes, with a huge focus on vocabulary and grammar resources.

    This site offers very well-prepared free grammar and vocabulary tutorials, practices, quizzes, audio files, and more! There are lessons for every level, from beginning to advanced. Also, Podcasts and extra features make this site very comprehensive! You can also subscribe or join the site to get extra activities for each category.

    University of Texas Spanish Site
    A great offering of Podcasts by skill level and topic. There are also helpful grammar and vocabulary links, as well as videos. I recommend that you listen without the text please! This is especially good for listening to a variety of speakers from all over the Spanish-speaking world. You can choose by country to get a variety of pronunciation practice!

    Learn Spanish Site
    Explore this site for various dialects and Spanish language learning tools!

    Fun trivia and quizzes
    How much do you know about the topics listed? Are you a fan of trivia, vocabulary, facts, and general Spanish learning? Try these quizzes and learn!

    Spanish Lesson for Non-Native Speakers
    This site has vocabulary, grammar, and listening activities.


    Spanish Language Learning Sites