• Music Major track – Jackson High School

    These course and activity recommendations are for any student in Jackson High School considering a career in music including but not limited to: performance, music education, music therapy, music production, composition, music business or music technology.

    Any student considering a music career is strongly encouraged to take private lessons with a qualified teacher. Beginning piano is encouraged but not required. A strong performance background is important to gain acceptance into any music school, and opportunities to perform in solo and ensemble events should be taken as well as working toward honor ensembles throughout the state.

    Please discuss your career options with your private teacher and your school ensemble director as soon as possible. College choice should be based on private teacher and ensemble director recommendations. College auditions are typically held in the early part of your senior year, and preparations for the audition should be made in your junior year of high school.
    Music course offerings at Jackson High School that may accompany your main band and/or choir ensemble to enhance your preparation for college:

    Advanced Music and Composition - Offered to grades 10-12
    The Understanding of Music - CCP offered to grades 10-12 Semester 1
    Music as a World Phenomenon - CCP offered to grades 10-12 Semester 2