English 12 Course Description

  • English 12 is a senior-level course designed to apply and master reading skills and strategies through the exploration of literature. The literature we will study includes a variety of short stories, poetry, fiction, non-fiction and additional supplemental pieces. This year, English 12 will wxplore the concept of monsters. Essentially, the literature we will be reading and discussing focuses on the role society has in the creation of its monsters. We will also be focusing on how society is responsible for their monsters and how fears and anxieties are embodied within those monsters. Therefore, our texts will explore the themes of monsters in order to help us analyze our own culture's use of the word "monster."

    Senior English 12 texts for the year:

    1. Grendel by John Gardener ISBN10-0679723110  (Students purchase by 9/14/18) Financial hardship? Please ask a friend who had the class in the past three years if you can have their copy. Then, if that route fails, ask Ms. Koladin to look into the stash of extras at school for you to borrow.  USED COPIES ARE FINE !!

    2. Macbeth - William Shakespeare (provided by JHS)

    3. Frankenstein - Mary Shelley (provided by JHS)

    4. Dreamland - Sam Quinones (provided by JHS)

     Students should plan to have an organizational method like a three-ring binder or pocket folders to remain organized during the year to keep handouts and assignments provided in paper organized; however, we will also use GOOGLE CLASSROOM - which is a first this year for Ms. Koladin  (Please be patient during the learning curve.) Since we are using Google classroom in English 12, it is important that students keep internet access for the year. Students have the access number to join our Google Classroom in the course syllabus.