College Credits

  • What is College Tech Prep?

    All of Jackson's Career and Technical programs have converted to College Tech Prep programs. These programs offer articulated college credits.  These are actual college credits and vary by program. For more information, visit the East Central Regional Tech Prep Center website.


    What is an Articulation Agreement?

    Articulated Credit is a unique opportunity for students to jump-start their college career in high school.  An articulation agreement is a formal document that specifies the process by which a high school student may earn college credit through successful completion of certain high school courses where students achieve learning outcomes, skills, and abilities comparable to those covered in a college course.  The process allows high school students to move smoothly into post secondary education without experiencing delay or duplication of courses.  Generally, college credit is not awarded until the student is enrolled at the college issuing the articulation agreement and until the student has satisfactorily completed a designated number of credit hours or terms.  Because the courses involved are at the high school level, the student pays no tuition.

    Which college credits are available?

    College credit can be earned through two methods while participating in a high school Career & Technical Program:  Tech Prep Articulation Agreements and Career Technical Assurance Guides/Career Technical Credit Transfer (CTAG/CT2).   College Credit is never guaranteed.  Students must successfully complete the program and pass the required “end of the program” assessments or meet other specific requirements established by the college in order to be eligible for credit.  These assessments vary greatly by program.  See your program instructor for specific information regarding accessing available credit.

    I. Tech Prep Articulation Agreement:  
    Articulated Credit is college credit awarded to students for career and technical coursework completed in high school.  Upon entering a secondary institution, students need to remain on the same career pathway (major) in order to qualify for college credit.  Students have a limited time after high school graduation to apply for their earned credit.  The Articulation Agreements are college specific, meaning that each Articulation Agreement is between the program and one college.  Some programs have multiple Articulation Agreements and each may award different amounts of credit depending on what that college chooses to offer.  Tech Prep has six regions in the state of Ohio.  We are in the East Central region.  The colleges in this region are Kent State University, Stark State College, University of Akron, and Youngstown State University. 
    For more information, visit - Articulated Credits


     II. Career Technical Assurance Guides/Career Technical Credit Transfer (CTAG/CT2):  

    This is an initiative driven by the Ohio Board of Regents, which oversees the colleges/universities in Ohio.  It is relatively new.  CTAG/CT2 is very similar to Tech Prep however the difference is that this credit is accessible at any state college or university in Ohio that offers a major in that area.  CTAGs are groups of technical courses that represent a commonly accepted pathway to an associate degree.  Courses or course sequences identified as being a part of the CTAG may be accepted at any approved public higher education institution in Ohio.  CTAG courses, once transcripted, are transferable between public higher education institutions in Ohio.  

    For more information, visit - CTAG

    More helpful websites:

    If you have any questions or need more information, please contact your program instructor.    


    Career Technical Education and Civil Rights Disclaimer:


    Jackson High School participates in a Career and Technical Compact Program in partnership with Lake Local, Plain Local (GlenOak) and North Canton City (Hoover) schools.  The Stark County Career Compact does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.




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