Information for COMPACT Participants

    If you are a COMPACT CTE student (leaving JHS to go to another school or coming to JHS from another school), information will be emailed to you in August. JHS students will also receive their shuttle schedule in August.

    Requirements prior to August 2023

    1. Verify your class schedule -  report any issues to Mrs. O'Hara
    2. Sign up for a Remind account (see below)
    3. Verify shuttle schedule
    4. Complete transportation form if you intend to transport yourself to Compact schools
    5. Complete first day forms

    CTE Student Responsibilities

    • Manage schedule and grades at two schools
    • Maintain open communication
    • Represent both schools
    • Be flexible


    Remind Accounts -Important information will be conveyed through these Remind accounts throughout the school year.

    It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you sign up for the Remind for your program. Click the Remind account that applies to you and follow the instructions for setting up your account. You will need to do this even if you signed up last year.

    Calendars & Conflicts

    First COMPACT day is August 29, 2023 - students should complete First Day Forms prior to this date

    • If HOME district is closed- do NOT report
    • Communicate with program instructors, counselors, etc. in advance.


    • Jackson Shuttle Schedules for JHS students will be mailed home at the beginning of August- see Mrs. O'Hara if there are any problems
    • If your shuttle departs JHS prior to 7:40 am, you will need to arrange transportation to JHS
    • If your shuttle arrives back at JHS after 2:35 pm, you will need to provide your own transportation home from JHS
    • Emergency Fire Science Seniors will be responsible for their own transportation to and from their program. JHS does not provide transportation to Stark State College.
    • Transportation Permission form for JHS students- this form must be completed if you intend to EVER drive yourself or ride with a classmate in their vehicle -  turn into Mrs. O'Hara
    • Down Time at JHS- please wait at a designated area- benches by Door 1E (near Security Counter)


    • Class Schedules and Program Times- check your schedule for any issues- report issues to Mrs. O'Hara or school counselor ASAP
    • Bell Schedules- be flexible (any down time- report to designated area)

    School Expectations

    • Behavior Expectations/Dress Code
    • Medical Forms and Prescriptions
    • Fees
    • Info updates

    Attendance & Grades

    • COMPACT Attendance data is maintained at BOTH schools
    • Call Off at BOTH schools
      • JHS Attendance Call Off Line (330) 834-4600
      • Hoover Attendance Call Off Line (330) 497-5607
      • Lake Attendance Call Off Line (330) 877-4762
      • GlenOak Attendance Call Off Line (330) 491-3800
    • Gradebooks- maintained at two schools (on-line access)- User ID and Passwords may vary
    • Grading scales, product/process, etc. may be different

    Free/Reduced Fee Status

    • Students are responsible for providing documentation from their home district to the Compact school

    Assessments & Industry Credentials

    • WebXam or other required/recognized assessments
    • Industry Recognized Credentials- Certification Exams

    Credit and Credit Access for Higher Ed (see website)

    • CTAG/CT2/CTAN- Ohio Board of Regents (OBR)- Statewide Credit Transfer Assurance
    • Articulation Agreements- Specific College Agreement

    JHS CTE Administrative Staff

    • Ms. Donna Jeffers, Assistant Principal, (330) 837-3501x1407 or email Ms. Jeffers
    • Mrs. Penny O'Hara, Administrative Assistant, (330) 837-3501x1422 or email Mrs. O'Hara

    JHS CTE Web Site  http://www.jackson.stark.k12.oh.us/page/1911

    JHS Attendance- Absence Call Off (330) 834-4600

    JHS Student Services Counselors     (330) 837-3501

    CTE Program Design & Delivery

    • Jackson HS is a Comprehensive High School
    • Member of a COMPACT (Jackson, Hoover, Lake, GlenOak)
    • Plain Local CTPD (Career Tech Planning District) or Stark Career COMPACT