JSA Hours

  • JSA students are required to complete 80 hours of participation and service.

    Use the JSA Hours Sheet to track your hours. Please be sure to create your own copy. This could be service to JSA, service to the high school, service to the community at large. The hour sheet must show evidence of community service throughout your four years of JSA. 

    Some of the hours per event have changed. This is also where you add your community service hours. You may add in your hours from previous years. For example, if you are a Junior, you can include hours from Freshman and Sophomore year. Please keep all signed community service forms in order to validate your hours. You must have 80 hours by graduation. 

    Be Genuine, Be Consistent, Live Your Purpose! 


    Use the document below as a guide:

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.