JSA Student Application

  •  This year we will be utilizing a Google Form as part of our application process. Please see the form below to start your application.
    Questions?  Please contact Susan Gardner at 330-837-3501, ext 1462.  
    Thank you for your interest in the Jackson School for the Arts.
    Applications due January 27, 2022
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  • Why should I join JSA?

    “It has been an honor getting to be a part of JSA these past few years and getting to learn from you and the rest of the wonderful JSA staff. This essay still doesn't adequately express how much joy this program has brought me. Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into JSA. I know I speak for the rest of the students when I say that this program has been life changing.


    At the end of my eighth grade year, I was faced with an important decision: should I apply to my high school’s arts academy, the Jackson School for the Arts? I had always loved performing; I was a member in my middle school chamber ensemble, three middle school musicals, and even participated in a few community theater productions. However, I was plagued with one worry: would I fall behind academically? My studies were important to me; I wanted to take on a rigorous course load and graduate at the top of my high school class. What would happen if the Jackson School for the Arts and my music courses stood in the way of that goal? I thought it over and decided that the arts were too important for me to abandon. I sent in an application and was accepted into the program my freshman year of high school. Looking back, sending in that application was a catalyst for four years of beautiful music, wonderful memories, and rigorous (but fulfilling) study.”


    National Merit Scholar 2021


    Joining the JSA Class of 2026

    JSA has been an Academy within Jackson High School for the past 20 years. The 300 students of JSA are smart, dedicated, hardworking and must maintain a 3.2 GPA.  JSA students have the advantage of being taught by a dedicated and caring teaching team who are committed to their students. JSA classes are hands-on, problem based, and infused with speakers, field trips and real world opportunities and challenges.

    JSA has the advantage of being a small school within a big school. This year JSA is honored to have 3 National Merit semi finalists.

    JSA Freshman Schedule

    JSA English

    JSA World History

    JSA Theatre

    JSA Art or JSA Advanced Art

    Band and/or Choir (yes, a student may take both)

    JSA Dance (optional)



    World Language-strongly suggested


    2 places to find the online JSA APPLICATION:




    Common Questions and Answers

    Do you have 0 period for 4 years? No, just in grades 9 and 10.

    Can you take the bus? Yes

    What do you take in 10, 11, 12? In grade 10 and 11 you take 2 full year credits in the arts as well as senior year you complete a capstone project.

    What about Accelerated English? JSA English and JSAWorld History challenge our students. Our students may take accelerated English as sophomores.

    Can you take Advanced Placement, AP and College Credit Plus, CCP, courses while taking JSA courses?

    Yes, JSA encourages students to do so.

    Can you take both band and choir? Yes!

    Will there be summer dance camp? Yes, 2 summers of dance camp may take the place of the PE requirement. Marching band and 2 seasons of a sport may also fulfill the PE requirement.

    Do you have to take dance? No dance is optional but you are required to buy the uniform.

    Is there a fee for JSA? No, but we do ask that our parents help support the JSA Extravaganza?


    For answers to any questions please email Mrs. Gardner at srg2jc@jackson.sparcc.org