• Current Varsity J Programs:


    Donut Club:

    The Donut Club meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Each month we bring in an Alumni or Coach to deliever a positive leadership message to our student athletes. These meetings are open to the Varsity Letter Winners as well as the student body. If students attend 7 or 8 out of 8 meetings student will recieve the Gold Leadership Award. If student attend 5 or 6 out of 8 meetings students will recieve the Purple Leadership Award. Be sure to follow our social media handles for announcments in regards who is speaking at our upcoming meetings.


    Power of Positivity Spring 2020:

    Leadership Guru, Jon Gordon, is a firm believer in the "Power of Positivity". During the spring of 2020 during Covid-19 we had alumni, coaches, and community supporters submit over 50 videos of positive to encourage people during the Covid-19 Pandemic and Spring shutdown. Below is an example of one of the videos:

    If you would like to view the entire series the playlist on Youtube is below: