• Welcome to Varsity J

    What is Varsity J Club?

    The Varsity J Club is an organization formed to support Varsity Athletes, Letter Winners, and students at Jackson Local Schools. It provides the opportunity for letterwinners to maintain relationships, develop as a student, and grow as a leader.

    Mission Statement:

    No one speaks of Jackson Athletics without mentioning its great tradition! This great tradition has been built over the last 50+ years through the hard work and dedication of the men and women who have worn Purple and Gold.

    The Varsity J Club is an organization was established to unite, champion, serve, and foster an everlasting relationship with Polar Bear Letter-winners.

    As a group, our purpose is to help current student-athletes excel not only in athletic competitoin and academics, but also to help them become good citizens eager to lend a helping hand.

    Once a Polar Bear, Always a Polar Bear.


    Who is eligible to join the Varsity J Club?

     All current Varsity Letter Winners at Jackson Local Schools will recieve updates via their bearworks email account. If you beleive you are a Varsity Letter Winner and are not recieving email comuniation please email Mr. Z. Michel at zdm2jc@jackson.sparcc.org. Several of Varsity J's programs are open to the entire student body. Be sure to check our programs page for clarifaction on who can attend our programs.


    GO BEARS!!