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    Jackson High School values the importance of physical education in the development of students for health and academics. We believe that the development of healthy habits and positive self-concepts early in life, will lead to important lifelong practices of healthy living and physical fitness. Jackson Students must earn a ½ credit in Physical Education in order to meet the graduation requirements for a Jackson High School Diploma. Students earn ¼ credit for each semester course offered at Jackson High school. See the Jackson High School Program of Studies document for a full description of each course.

    Ohio Physical Education Standards

    STANDARD 1:Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns

    needed to perform a variety of physical activities

    Benchmark A: Demonstrate combined movement skills and patterns in authentic settings.

    Benchmark B: Demonstrate specialized manipulative skills in a variety of settings.

    STANDARD 2:Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles,

    strategies and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance

    of physical activities.

    Benchmark A: Apply knowledge of tactical concepts and strategies in authentic settings.

    Benchmark B: Apply bio-mechanical principles to performance in authentic settings.

    STANDARD 3: Participates regularly in physical activity

    Benchmark A:Identify and engage in regular physical activity inside and outside of school

    to meet the national recommendations for daily physical activity.

    Benchmark B: Create and monitor a personal plan for physical activity.

    STANDARD 4:Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

    Benchmark A: Meet or exceed criterion referenced health-related physical fitness standards.

    Benchmark B: Understand the principles, components and practices of health-related

    physical fitness.

    STANDARD 5:Exhibits responsible personal behavior and social behavior that

    respects self and others in physical activity settings.

    Benchmark A: Demonstrate leadership by holding self and others responsible for following safe

    practices, rules, procedures and etiquette in physical activity settings..

    Benchmark B: Initiate responsible personal social behavior and positively influence the

    behavior of  others in physical activity settings.

    STANDARD 6:Values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge,

    self-expression and/or social interaction.

    Benchmark A: Use physical activity to promote personal growth, goal setting and enjoyment.

    Benchmark B: Pursue physical activities that promote self-expression and provide opportunities

    for  social and group interaction.

    How will students be assessed?

    Students will be assessed daily on a 20 point participation rubric. Students will receive 5 points if they meet all of the criteria and 2.5 points if they meet part of the criteria for each daily assessment.

    The Daily Participation Assessments are based on the student performance in the following:

    1. Daily attendance and being prepared for class activities (5 Points)

    2. Being an active participant in class activities and engaged in the activity (5 Points)

    3. Adhering to class rules and guidelines (5 points)

    4. Being respectful and considerate of self, classmates, teachers and guests (5 Points)

    A number of different techniques are available for assessing physical activity including heart rate monitors, pedometer/activity monitor, direct observation by instructor, self reporting by student, projects and other forms of written assessments. Students will also be assessed periodically on the application of movement concepts which includes skills, strategies and the ability to follow rules and conventions for activities. Some assessments will be reported to the ODE.

    Jackson High School Grading Scale

    90-100% A

    80-89% B

    70-79 C

    60-69 D

    0-59% F

    The daily participation assessment will fall into the process category of the grade and will make up 85% of the student's overall grade. The application of skills, strategies, rules and general knowledge of physical activities will fall in the product category of the grade and will make up 15% of the students overall grade.

    DAILY CLASS PROCEDURES: Weekly Physical Education class will consist of a variety of activities from team sports to personal fitness. Students will be tested on fitness levels and their improvements. Students will have 5-7 minutes to change at the beginning and end of the periods. Students will report to Auxiliary Gym 2 for attendance, warm ups and the class activities.


    ATHLETIC SHORTS: Solid dark colored, athletic, shorts are preferred. Shorts should be loose fitting with an elastic waistband. Cut-off shorts are not permitted. Shorts are to be worn at the waist. Short length should be mid-thigh, or at least 2 inches below the extended arms and fingers. Sweat pants are permitted as long as they are not dragging on the floor, and do not snap up the sides.

    SLEEVED T-SHIRTS: Students are required to wear a purple, gray, white, or black t-shirt. T-shirts should be full length and be a loose, athletic fit. Preferably a Jackson High School shirt. Short sleeve or long sleeves are permitted in physical education class. Sweatshirts may be worn if the weather is cool. Coats and jackets are not permitted in class.

    ATHLETIC SHOES: Students will be required to wear tennis shoes during class. The need to be a closed toe and tie shoe that will help protect them during activities. Points will be deducted for non proper shoes. Students should be prepared with different shoes. I.e. outside shoes and inside shoes.

    NON-DRESS: Students who do not dress appropriately for participation in class activities will lose participation and application points. Students will be provided opportunities to make-up missed activity participation, but after 3 “non-dresses” no make-ups will be provided and the student will fail that grading period. Students that do not dress are not able to participate in the class activity.  Make up opportunities will be posted on bulletin boards, and websites.

    *** If you wear athletic clothes to school you still MUST change into your gym clothes. If you do not that can result in a non-dress day

    Physical Education Procedures

    ABSENCES: Physical Education class is a “lab” type class in which being present and actively participating is a requirement. When a student has an excused absence they will have opportunity to “make-up” missed work by participating in an “out of school” activity (not an athletic practice or game) or by logging time in a health related component of fitness. If a student has an unexcused absence, they will not have the opportunity to make up missed work or time.

    TARDIES: Please be on time for class. You must be in the locker room when the bell rings. If you are not in the door you are TARDY!!!!

    MEDICAL EXCUSES: Medical excuses must be reported to the teacher and possibly the school nurse and guidance counselor. If a medical excuse will prevent a student from participating in physical education class for more than 3 days, alternative activities will be discussed. When a medical excuse is necessary, students are asked to talk with the doctor about alternative physical activities that may be permitted.

    Locker Room/Classroom Rules and Safety

    LOCKS AND LOCKERS: All students will be provided with a locker with a built in combination lock. All physical education clothes, shoes, and materials should be stored in this locker for the semester. School clothing, jewelry, and other valuables MUST be locked in the locker during the class period, while the student is participating in class activities. Please do not bring large sums of money to class with you. Please do not share your combination with other students. Please report any locker or security issues to your physical education instructor as soon as possible.

    • No jewelry or chewing gum in class

    • No Food or Drink in the gym or weight room

    • No horseplay in locker room, fitness room or other areas where class activities are held

    • Students must stay in the locker room until instructed to leave.

    • Abusive behavior or harassing other students will not be tolerated.

    • Cell phones and headphones are to be left in the locker room and not used during class time.

    • Profanity is prohibited.

    • Please take pride in your School and take care of it.

    • Please report any damage to a facility or equipment to Instructor right away.

    All activities in physical education class, by their very nature, have the potential for accidents and or injuries to occur. Our instructors are trained in all activities and will provide the safest and most efficient class possible. Please follow all safety procedures and instructor directions to keep accidents and injuries to a minimum. Most activities are challenge by choice, with students attempting skill to the best of their ability. If there are any injuries/accidents that occur during the physical education class, please report these to an instructor as soon as possible and before leaving class.

    Progressive Discipline:

    Progressive discipline will be followed when a rule is broken or for a behavior that is non conducive to class.

    1. Warning

    2. Teacher conference/Parent phone call

    3. After School Detention

    4. Principal Referral

    Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via phone or email.