National Honor Society

  • National Honor Society

    Advisor/Contact Person: Mr. Christopher Amedeo

    Mission Statement/Purpose: To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the students of Jackson High School.


    2019-2020 Officers

    President: Shreya Nagajuthi

    Vice President: Adam Hamdan

    Treasurer: Giavonna Globokar

    Secretary: Kaitlyn Woolbert

    Sergeant at Arms: Aidan Wanzer



    Members are expected to maintain the high standards of National Honor Society throughout their membership by meeting the 4 pillars of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character.




    JHS NHS functions under a three strike policy for attendance, service, and other requirements; however, an immediate dismissal hearing policy is in effect for egregious violations such as cheating, underage drinking, drugs, etc.


    Dues:  $25 (this includes a cord fee of $5)


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    First Tuesday of every month at either 7:15am or 2:45pm

     (all meetings are held in the JHS Lecture Hall unless otherwise informed)

    Club Advisor:  Mr. Christopher Amedeo
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