• Interested Applicants to NHS

    Requirements At A Glance

    [ALL applicants will apply utilizing a Polaris Course]


    National Honor Society-Proof of Pillars

    *A student must qualify in ALL four pillars: Scholarship, Service, Leadership, & Character. The descriptions of these pillars are essential for a student to consider during the application process.  All decisions regarding membership are made by the NHS Faculty Council and are final. If a student does not qualify in the junior year, he/she may reapply in the senior year if grades are maintained. Meeting minimum standards does not guarantee admission.  Any questions should be directed to Mr. Amedeo.

    *Official Application is distributed to students who have the 3.6 GPA at a meeting held in early September


    • A student must be a junior or senior with a minimum cumulative (total of all grades) 3.6 GPA.



    • A student must document a minimum of 30 hours of service.
      • Volunteer at 3 different non-profit or charitable organizations (e.g. 10 at Habitat, 2 at Humane Society, & 18 at Stark County Public Library).
      • No less than 2 hours can be listed for each organization. 
      • ONLY 2 hours of office work or peer tutoring may count towards community service total.
      • At least 20 hours must be from a non-school related organization
    • A coach, adviser, or supervisor can sign for one service AND one leadership only.
    • School related community service is defined as service in the community as part of a team, club or other school organization (i.e. youth camps associated with a team/club, peer tutoring, volunteering to play an instrument at a nursing home as a band member, freshmen mentor, etc.)
    • A student may use hours from the freshman year until the application is due.
    • Work with an individual, family, business or political campaign is NOT community service.
    • Service hours may NOT be used for or shared with any other organization or class that requires service (double dipping). This includes activities to meet sports team requirements.
    • No one should receive payment or other credit for their service.
    • A tentative list of what is approved/disapproved community service is provided to students at the September meeting.



    • A student must document at least 2 leadership roles.
      • Leadership is defined as leading, organizing, teaching, directing a group of one’s peers 
      • Simply helping someone or a group is community service and does not likely equate to leadership
      • May include school, extra-curricular, church, work ( if crew/shift/training leader, should be clearly defined), political work, or other positions.
      • While there are no minimum hours required for leadership, the leadership role must be clearly defined as on-going (continuous), sustained(continuing for an extended period w/o interruption) and significant(sufficiently important)
      • Clearly describe leadership (ex: organized, directed, led, taught, in charge of, directed, etc.)



    • A list of academically eligible students is circulated among teachers, counselors, and administrators so that staff may provide observations or comments on character issues.
    • Comments may cover issues that occurred within the past year
    • If a student has any issues involving cheating, plagiarism, or any other serious student conduct issues, a student will NOT be eligible until one year after the offense.


    Final Notes

    • The official application will be distributed and reviewed with eligible students during an informational course via Polaris in early September.  (At this time students may also ask any questions they may have)
    • Please be aware that Faculty Council may meet prior to the informational course and is able to alter the application process.
    • Mr. Amedeo is the advisor and students' advocate before the Faculty Council.  He does NOT have a vote in any Faculty Council decision regarding applications.