Concert Observation


    High School Choral students are expected to attend a choral concert, concert band performance, orchestra concert, classical vocal recital, or musical theatre performance each nine weeks. Ballets, plays, and concerts, such as rock, pop, country, or contemporary Christian, will not be eligible to use for a concert observation. Also, a concert that the student is performing in will not count towards fulfilling this requirement. Students must use and turn in a concert observation form to receive credit. Please follow the directions on the form. It is to be turned in attached to your program or ticket stub. The Concert Observation form can be found below.

    If there are concerns as to whether a concert will be eligible for this portion of the nine weeks grade, it should be approved by Mr. Eversdyke PRIOR to attendance. Please make sure to ask if a concert will count prior to spending money on tickets.

    Freshman Chorus and Concert Choir members may choose to do a Concert Observation each nine weeks in lieu of participating in Men's or Women's Chorus. That Concert Observation will be 15% of each nine-week grade. Freshman Chorus and Concert Choir members that choose to participate in Men’s or Women’s Chorus will not be required to do a Concert Observation each nine weeks. Chorale members are required to do both a concert observation and Men's or Women's Chorus.

    *****Concert Observation Forms are due within one week of the viewing concert.*****

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