Rationale for Community Service/Service Learning


    Service to others is a major component in our JAGS philosophy, we have expected each JAGS student to accrue 80 hours of service work during their time at JHS, in order to earn the JAGS endorsement on your diploma. We recognize that on March 13, 2020, our students’ ability to earn these hours was significantly compromised by the ‘shelter-in-place’ order precipitated by the Covid-19 virus. Recognizing that service to others is even more necessary right now in our communities, we decided to implement a new service hour procedure for this 2020-2021 school year. In lieu of the 80 required hours for graduation, we will ask each JAGS student, regardless of grade level, to complete 10 service hours only this year. Our JAGS staff and student leaders will be organizing safe, yet thoughtful ways to help others in need throughout 2021. You are still welcome to serve in ways you have in the past (EX: volunteering at Akron/Canton Food Bank for three hours).



    Why serve?  
    In the International Studies Schools Network, students are prepared to be active global citizens by engaging directly with local, national, and international communities.  To be honest, though, most people who serve others say they learn the most about themselves in the process.  

    What is community service?  
    When you make a donation (of goods, time, or sweat) that benefits another person or organization, that’s community service.  This category can include things that you do outside of school (volunteering at an assisted living center, offering free childcare at your church, making sandwiches for homeless people, volunteering at an animal shelter, caring for community gardens, participating in a holiday-related event like Thanksgiving with Caritas or “Coats for Kids,” etc.) and school-related activities (canned food drives, GPS volunteerism opportunities, etc.)

    What is service-learning?  
    This is a learning strategy that asks students to apply knowledge and skills from school to research, identify, and address community needs.  This scenario focuses as much on the learner and the process as the intended recipient.  In service-learning, the student is often the designer/organizer of the experience.

    Site Visit Verification Form - Print one of these forms to take to your service project. Your advisor/leader MUST sign and date this form. Once you have finished your service, turn in this form (signed and COMPLETELY filled out) to the the International Studies Office (R100) or to Ms. Stone (also in R100).

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