Tips for Parents




    Ideas for Parents

    1. Speaking the 1st language helps students learn a Second language.
    2. Students need to read and write in First and Second language.
    3. Try to attend school and community activities.
    4. Communicate with teachers. Working together helps everyone.
    5. Help children with their homework, but do not do it for them.
    6. Get a library card.
    7. Go to the library.
    8. Read books with your children. 
    9. Encourage writing journal writing.  Writing everyday is very helpful when learning language.
    10. Talk about your day with your students.  Talk about the news.
    11. Knowing about the world will help their reading and listening comprehension.
    12. Post homework or projects on the refrigerator door or in a special place in the home.
    13. Praise them for their good work.
    14. Give them support when they have trouble.