Speech and Debate Category Descriptions

  • Event Descriptions

    The coaches carefully evaluate each student and refer him or her to a category where we feel each will achieve the most success. It not required of students to be in the Competitive Forensics. All events are challenging and equally as fun. You are the only one who can make the most of every experience in Speech and Debate. Find your niche!

    Speech Events

    Dramatic Interpretation

    This event involves memorization and performance of a ten-minute dramatic "cutting" from a play, novel, or movie script. The performer may play one or more characters and will be judged on how well they interpret them.

    Humorous Interpretation

    This event is quite similar to Dramatic Interp, with two major distinctions. The first is that the ten-minute cutting should be humorous by nature, and the second is that monologues are frowned upon in this event. The student is judged based on the character distinctions and creative interpretation.

    Prose-Poetry Reading

    This event is a combination of both prose and poetry in a program based on a common theme. It involves reading from a binder, but still making eye contact with the audience. In can be funny, dramatic, or a combination of both.

    Duo Interpretation

    This event involves two performers presenting a 10-minute segment of a play. Like Humor and Drama above, they may perform one or several roles. Performers may not look at or interact directly with one another. Acting is expected, but the performers must synchronize their movements.

    Domestic Extemporaneous Speaking

    Involves the selection, preparation, and presentation of a seven minute speech on a topic relating to United States domestic and foreign policy, domestic commerce, politics, economy, and the like. During the speech, both the oratorical and persuasive aspects of the presentation are emphasized-and the speech is to be delivered entirely from memory. During the thirty-minute preparation, references may be made to magazine and newspaper articles retrieved from files compiled during the season.

    International Extemporaneous Speaking

    Follows much the same style as US Extemp, but it deals with the analysis of foreign politics, economics, and the like.

    Original Oratory

    Students compose and memorize a ten-minute non-fictional speech on any topic or issue, and then deliver it, keeping in mind the aspects of quality public speaking.

    Oratorical Interpretation

    Participants must memorize and present a ten-minute speech written by someone other than the presenter. This could range from famous speeches or the Original Oratory piece of a previous participant.

    Impromptu Speaking

    Speakers will receive two quotations from a judge. They must select one and have a total of 7 minutes to both prepare a speech and to present it. Students analyze the quotation and provide examples to support their view.

    Debate Events

    Lincoln-Douglas Debate (restricted to first-year students registered for Debate I)

    Individual debate on the moral issues of the day. The topics changes every other month.

    Public-Forum Debate (restricted to first-year students registered for Debate I)

    Debate with a partner on a different current event every month. Cross-fire cross examination is a crucial part of the round.

    Policy Debate (restricted to first-year students registered for Debate I)

    Debate with a partner to advocate for and against a resolution that typically calls for policy change by the United States federal government or security discourse. Affirmative teams generally present a plan as a proposal for implementation of the resolution. The negative will generally prove that it would be better not to do the plan or that the opportunity costs to the plan are so great that it should not be implemented. Policy also includes a period of cross examination.

    Student Congress

    Learn to be a mock senator or congress person by writing legislation and then trying to pass them in a debated session of “Congress.” These students will also be competing in other events to strengthen speaking and preparation skills as well as maximize their talents.

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