Medical Club

  • Medical Club was founded by a Jackson Graduate of the class of 2011. This club is for students who are interested in a medical career and want to lean more about the medical field, medical ethics, etc.

    This club is student-centered and we direct activities and field trips to the interests of our members. Our past events included:

    -  Career Fair: This after-school event includes discussions with different people who have careers in the medical field. Please make sure you are there as they are taking time out of their day to come talk to us about what they do.

    -  Discussions: We will discuss different systems of the body

    -  Presentations from nurses and professors.

    -  Community service around the holidays

    -  Dissection 

    If you are interested in joining Medical Club, please visit (Mrs. Tsarnas in M101) or attend one of our meetings. We are always looking for new members to join at anytime.


    Mrs. Clarissa Tsarnas

    (330) 837-3501 x1141


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