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    Family & Consumer Sciences

    Classroom Management Policy


    In order to maintain an atmosphere of achievement, collaboration, and safety in the lab/classroom, the following rules will be enforced:

    1. Students will abide by the JHS Student Handbook.
    2. Students will be in his/her seat and prepared with all materials at the bell.
    3. Students will observe and obey all safety and sanitation guidelines.
    4. Students will be cooperative, courteous, and attentive and comply with cell phone use policy.  NO CELL PHONES will be permitted during lab, teacher instruction, testing, and/or any other times determined by the teacher.
    5. Students will demonstrate respect for him/herself, others, and property.


    In the event that any of the rules are not followed, the following consequences will be applied:

    1. Student/teacher conference will be conducted
    2. Detention assigned
    3. Parent/teacher conference will be conducted
    4. Behavior referral to principal and/or guidance counselor