Spanish Homework Assignments 

    It is essential that you take responsibility and a caring attitude about your education. Develop consistent study and review habits. Your success in a foreign language will be determined by the amount of time that you commit to the language. Homework will be given almost daily. Some homework’s will be collected and graded, others will be checked and others will be reviewed and explained in class. Consider your daily homework, your daily practice for the tests or quizzes. Also, homework is due at the beginning of each class period unless specified. If it is in your locker or the teacher sees you finishing it in class you will not receive credit.

    All homework assignments are tentative and subject to change. Students will receive the most updated information in class daily. Practice and study with a purpose.

    To the left you fill find tabs for the Spanish III and IB Spanish classes. There you will find the weekly lesson plans with the current homework assignments and daily activities.