Weekly Classroom Overview - Tentative Assignments and Activities

  • Each week students will be given a list of plants, tools, pests, etc. to learn.  They will be quizzed regularly to see if they have learned the given specimens.  The specimens can be viewed from students Google docs at:


    There are currently not any specific out of class assignments.  Check back weekly to see if any assignments have been posted.  All assignments will be posted by the end of the first student school day of each week.


    Note:  We will be following the CASE: Plant course of study to introduce topics to students in this class.  This is a rigorous curriculum that uses inquiry labs to guide students in discovering relevant concepts in the horticultural field.  These concepts are set-up to build a good foundation for continuing on with, but not limited to; plant biology, environmental science, turf science and management, nursery and landscape design and management, greenhouse management, floriculture, and many many more fields.  You can learn more about the CASE model visit case4learning.org


    Please call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.

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