Turnitin.com Instructions

  • Turnitin.com instructions Turnitin.com instructions

    All English 11 students MUST be registered for turnitin.com and ALL writing assignments will be submitted electronically via this website. Please see me if you need any assistance.


    English 102

    The following steps should help you register:


    1. Log on to www.turnitin.com and click on “create account”.


    2. Select the “student” option under Create New Account.


    3. Use the number 18713105 for the class ID, and type the class enrollment password that's on my board


    4. Fill out the rest of the fields, including: your first and last name

    your school email address: USERID@bearworks.jackson.sparcc.org

    password that fits the criteria: polarbear1

    and a secret question and answer.

    Question: Favorite author?

    Answer: Green

    5. Read the user agreement, confirm you're over age 13, and click “I agree, create profile.”


    6. Congratulations; you are finished!