Physical Science

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    August - 2018 - Physical Science








    20     First Day for students

    Introduction to syllabus, go over classroom policies and expectations, assign seats, pass out the safety contract if you have time, talk about safety drills (explain layout of the course physics to chemistry)-Icebreaker


    Go over safety contract with students, assign safety poster, pass out rubric, and computer paper. Let the kids start designing their poster if we have time (shorter periods)


    Introduction to physics and graphing notes. This will take us into the spaghetti bridge lab. I plan on having it ready so that I can start it in the event that everything runs short.


    Practice graphing in class. Also go over the answers. (we can use the same sheet as last year. I will make some adjustments)


    Spaghetti Bridge lab.


    Students take SLO

    Introduction to distance v displacement notes. Give the students the opportunity to go over the notes and then go into the back of the classroom and draw on the countertops with chalk.


    Continue with distance and displacement but instead talk about it in terms of scalor v vector. Discuss words like constant, magnitude, direction...etc (I will make notes for this.)


    Buggy car lab (to also use as a review over graphing)


    Go over post lab questions from the Buggy car lab. “Exit quiz” - process to see where the kids are on their graphing.

    I would also like to maybe find an interesting science article to read here. Might not be a bad idea to incorporate some current events from time to time.


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