Organic and Materials Chemistry

  • Welcome to Organic Chemistry!  I am Mrs. Whitacre and will be your teacher for this awesome course. We will be exploring the beginning topics of organic chemistry like naming, drawing, isomers, reactions, and stereochemistry.  It is a great course that gives you a good introduction to what you will encounter in Organic chemistry in college.   

    On this main page you will find documents of things that are important as we embark on this journey.  If you want to view lesson plans, past or present, click on the resources tab of my main page, and then pick the week of lesson plans you are looking for.  Lesson plans for your class have their own page(s) so please scroll through that week's lesson plans until you find "Organic chemistry".
    If you need to talk to me please e-mail me at: 
    or call me at: (330) 837-3501 extension 1111.  

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