AP Psychology Syllabus



    Welcome to Advanced Placement Psychology. I am excited to begin the school year and look forward to a great year of learning! This syllabus outlines classroom rules & procedures, as well as my expectations for each student.


    Miss. Georgiadis – Room 203A



    The purpose of this Advanced Placement course in Psychology is to expose students to the systematic and scientific study of behavior and mental processes of humans and other animals. Overall, they will learn about the facts, principles, and phenomena associated with the major subfields within psychology.

    Course Objectives

    • Students will prepare to take the Advanced Placement Exam in Psychology, performing to the best of their ability.

    • Students will be able to identify and describe the key facts, figures, and theories in the field of psychology.

    • Students will develop and grow in their reading, writing, and problem solving skills.

    • Students will be able to apply psychological concepts to their own lives, recognizing key principles in everyday situations.

    • Students will learn about psychology as a profession and understand the requirements and responsibilities associated with being a professional in the field.


    1. Textbook: Zimbardo, Philip G. Psychology. Boston, MA: Pearson, AP Edition, 2010.

    1. 3-Ring Binder (This should be used for AP Psychology only - please make sure your binder is clearly marked with your subject, name, and period on the front - it will be checked throughout each grading period)

    1. If able, you are strongly encouraged to purchase Barron’s The Leader in Test Preparation Study Guide 4th or 5th Edition. This will be a great study tool for the AP Exam!


    Grades will follow a 10-point scale (A: 100 – 90, B: 89 – 80, C: 79 – 70, D: 69 – 60, F: 59 or below)

    • We will also use a weighted system of 85/15

      • 85% = Product (Test, Quizzes, Projects)

      • 15% = Process (In-class assignments, HW, etc.)


    The following is all I ask . . .

    Be organized. Be prepared. Be ready to participate.

    Much class time will be spent in discussion and in labs. However, for that to work you must stay current with reading assignments and be willing to get involved in class. ***You WILL receive a participation grade each grading period.


    You will be tested on each unit. Tests will cover information from the textbook, lectures, assignments, and class discussion. They will also be cumulative, so always expect a few questions from previous exams. They will be made up of multiple-choice questions and potentially a Free Response Question (FRQ). If you are absent on the day of a test, you must make it up the day you come back.

    Other Assignments

    Please have all work completed thoroughly and by the due date. Late work will be accepted, but points will be deducted for every day an assignment is late (10%). Academic dishonesty will result in a zero for that assignment and you will not be allowed to make it up.

    **I understand you all have demanding schedules outside of class – therefore every grading period, you will be given ONE Late Homework Pass to allow you to turn in an assignment a day late with no penalty.

    Classroom Policies

    All school policies apply in the classroom. No food or drink may be in the class. Cell phones should not be on or out.

    From Me to You

    Classroom Rules

    These are Miss. Georgiadis’ two, most important, rules . . .


    I will do whatever I can to help you be successful in this course – I believe there is no reason you cannot be! However, you must be willing to do the work. Therefore, you must be  honest with me and yourself. If you are not getting the grade you want, what could you be doing differently?

    I expect you to be kind. Always. Be respectful of others both inside and outside this class. There are more things that unite than divide you, so please be accepting and appreciative of those around you.

    Being a Good Teammate

    One of the most important objectives of this class is to prepare you to do well on the AP Exam. In order for this to happen, you will need to WORK TOGETHER, SUPPORT one another, and ENCOURAGE each other throughout the school year.

    You are not just classmates in a class - you are teammates on a team!!!

    Fun Fridays

    What makes a Friday fun? SO MANY THINGS!!!! You will have the opportunity to review material taught that week, earn points towards your overall grade, and get to know your ‘teammates’ better!

    First, you will be given a quiz. This is not, NOT, meant to serve as an added source of stress – it is meant to help you keep up with information learned on a weekly basis and give you a great study tool for exams. These quizzes are meant to help you! (Really, I promise) Second, we will spend a few minutes getting to know a fellow teammate every week – expect this to be an important part of class!  


    You can earn ‘G-Money’ for a number of positive behaviors in class such as being a good ‘teammate’ or participating in class discussions. ‘G-Money’ can be spent on a number of things – which you will learn about as the year progresses.

    Overall . . .

    My hope is this course will mean more to you than the class objectives.

    While it will be challenging, I also want it to be an adventure. My goal is to create an environment that makes you look forward to coming to class, participating,

    and learning every day - because learning should be FUN and EXCITING!!!

    Know that I care about your SUCCESS and want to provide every opportunity

    for you to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS. I believe in you and know we will have a great year!

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