Jackson High School Freshmen Mentors

  • 2023-2024 Mentor Applications are available now!

    Application Link: https://forms.gle/uNP54a1fzeaLR2Lb7

    Teacher Recommendation Link: https://forms.gle/ytbr8MjahKnUL3xeA

    (Please copy and share this link with the teacher you are requesting a recommendation from.)

    All applications, videos, and teacher recommendations are due by: MARCH 31st at 2:35pm.

    No late submissions for any part of the application will be accepted!


    Information about the video component:

    Lights, Camera, Action! We want you to make a 2-minute video introducing yourself to us and showing us the creativity and excitement that you can bring to our program. We do not want you to simply sit in front of the camera and tell us why you want to be a mentor, or list the reasons why you are qualified for this position.  

    Be creative - we want to see your leadership skills, outgoing personality and fun ideas come through! Think about including some of the following things mentioned below in your video. These are just ideas...feel free to think outside of the box!
    - Skits
    - Do's and don'ts about how to be a good mentor
    - Songs
    - Examples of how you would run a Freshmen homeroom and the activities that you would plan
    - Examples of you working with others and modeling what type of mentor you would be
    - Showing how you can be silly, enthusiastic, energetic but yet a positive influence on those around you




    The Freshmen Mentor Club is a club made up of junior and senior students designated to help support and familiarize the incoming freshman class with the high school environment. 



    The current advisors are Kristin MacDonald (kem2jc@jackson.sparcc.org) and Aimeé Dria (ald2jc@jackson.sparcc.org).