¡Hola!  I’m Roxanne King.  This is my TENTH year teaching Spanish I and Spanish II at Jackson High School and my sixth year as the Head of the World Languages Department


    I have twin boys (young men) who are SENIORS at JHS this year. We have a two-year-old pitbull named Dory! 


    I’ve been teaching for TWENTY years! I started out my career in education teaching English as a Second Language in bilingual schools in Madrid, Spain.  I lived in Madrid for ELEVEN years!  My children were born in Spain, but we decided to come back to live in Ohio in 2007.  I started teaching Spanish at East Canton High School shortly after we returned home.


    Currently, I’m very proud to be a Polar Bear. I’ve always been a fan of the Arts, so you might see me at any given performance. Music is a driving force in my family. We are all current or former musicians!


    Pursuing a career in education was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life. I LOVE teaching and I’m passionate about anything related to the Spanish language.  


    No two days are alike in the classroom, which is great because it makes me stay on my toes. I get to work with incredible teens and an amazing staff, which is another added bonus!


    We’ll get to know each other much better throughout the school year. I look forward to learning about YOU soon!