Turnitin.com Information and Set-Up - Turnitin.com

  • English 9 Turnitin.com 2019-2020


    The following steps should help you register:


    1.Log on to www.turnitin.com and click on “create account”.  


    2.Select the “student” option under Create New Account.


    3.Use the number for the class ID


    Period 1- 21919042

    Period 3- 21919079

    Period 4- 21919093

    Period 7- 21919107

    Period 8- 21919114


    4. Type jackson for the class enrollment password- jackson19


    5.Fill out the rest of the fields, including your first and last name, your JACKSON SCHOOL E - MAIL ADDRESS, ex. jldoe555@jackson.sparcc.org and use jackson102 as your password.


    6. Fill out the secret question and answer.  


    7. .Read the user agreement, confirm you're over age 13, and click “I agree, create profile.”


    8.Congratulations; you are finished!


    Mrs. Giannetti


    330-837-3501 ext. 1183


    Turnitin.com Upload Directions

    Follow these directions to upload your Auto-Bio Poem AND the answers to the survey questions. This should all be on ONE document in Google Docs or in Open Office. This is due uploaded to Turnitin.com by TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 5.

    1. Log-in to your Turnitin.com account using your school e-mail address and provided password that we went over in the library together and you can use the green halfsheet to help you remember. Username/Password-- Students created accounts at the beginning of the year and their usernames SHOULD be their school e-mail address Ex. jldoe4551@bearworks.jackson.sparcc.org and their password should be jackson+their birth month number. Ex. If their birthday is in April their password should be jackson4.

    2. Once you are logged in, you should be taken to the screen that has “English 102 Period ___” on the left and you will need to click on this.

    3. Next you will be taken to the assignment page, and you will click on the BLUE button that says SUBMIT on the right.

    4. Make sure your first and last name are correct on the new screen, and you may upload it TWO different ways. Up at the top it will say SUBMIT PAPER and in blue it says, “Copy and Paste” or if you hit the arrow by “Copy and Paste” you can upload it as a “Single file.” The formatting is better with the “Single File” upload so you will simply upload the saved version of your Writing assignment. It needs to be in Microsoft Word or Open Office format or else it may not upload. You either choose to upload from your computer or from Google Docs.

    5. Once you decide how you are going to upload, fill in the title as “Auto-Bio Poem and Survey Responses” and hit the blue “Upload” button at the bottom. **You only fill in the cut and paste box IF you copied and pasted your assignment!**

    6. If this request has gone through, it will take to you another screen where it will process your upload and then ask you to confirm your submission so that you know it is correct.

    7. It is submitted if you get the message “CONGRATULATIONS-- your submission is complete!” If you do not get this message it means it may have not gone through the first time and you may need to do it again.

    8. E-mail me with any questions or concerns or see me in class. .