Practice tips

  • Tips for Practicing  

    Improve Your Playing Through Practice and Study

    1. Obtain the services of a qualified private teacher.

    2. Set and maintain a consistent practice schedule.

    3. Set goals.

    4. Concentrate when practicing (focus).

    5. Relax and practice slowly.

    6. Spend more time on things that you find more difficult rather than music that you can already play.

    7. Play everything musically (always make music with a purpose!); Always play with a good tone quality (develop a personal sound, listen and emulate great players on your instrument through listening to recordings and live performances).

    8. Don't be too hard on yourself (learn from your mistakes and always try to make it better each time you play but at the same time be patient with yourself).

    9. Don't show off!

    10. Think for yourself (think out of the box, don't be a robot).

    11. Be optimistic!

    12. Look for relationships to other things in life and nature (all things are related!)