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Welcome to my website!!!!
Science is everywhere! Science is messy! Science is great!  I will be pushing you this year to experience the world like a scientist. Science is very hands-on! Where would we be if people didn’t go out into the world asking questions, making mistakes, and discovering the greatness of things all around them? We will be moving around the room to discover the wonders of the world a lot this year! Whether it be dancing, project building, or discovery centers we will be applying science concepts to your everyday life!
Be sure to make this website a priority and a daily resource for finding out what we are currently doing in science class. I will post all sorts of important announcements on this site to remind you of product and process grades, school events, resources needed, and class news.  This site will also prove to be valuable if you need to find out what we have done previously in class. I will be posting all handouts given to you in class and presentations discussed in the corresponding tabs to the left.  This is to ensure you have the information to succeed in my classroom!
If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact me via email, phone, or letters.
I hope you find this website useful!
Mr. Jones
330-830-8100   x 3273