Eighth Grade Digital Tools

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    "Raise The Standard" 

    In this twelve weeks course students will explore a variety of computer-related topics, including but not limited to:

    Use of: Basic computer literacy, Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite), Graphic Design with pixlr.com, Internet Safety using “BrainPop”, Computer programming/Coding using code.org, C.A.D. using Tinkercad.com, and Keyboarding using various 2.0 softwares.  
    This is a student driven student paced curriculum allowing for individualized instruction for both beginner and advanced level learners.  All units are accessed through Polaris.
    You will need to access your child's most up to date grade using their Polaris account.
    Accessing Digital Tools Grades in SunGuard Grade book
    Because Digital Tools is a 12 week course -vs. - a 9 week course you will need to access your grade using the following directions if you are computers student during the first or second twelve weeks. Choose "Classes" from the menus at the top middle of the site. In the "View Classwork for Report Card Run" drop down menu choose "2" (if you are in my first 12 weeks class) or "3" (if you are in my second 12 weeks class). the 2 or 3 represent the second and third 9 weeks report card which is when your grades from these classes will be reported. Click the "Refresh" button located on the far right of your screen. Next, be sure "Select Marking Period" is set to "mp2" and click the "Continue" button located on the far right of your screen. Then, be sure to select "Full View" located on the far right of your screen, and click the "Print Classwork" button located on the far right.

    Course Questions  & their Student Learning Objectives

    Internet Safety

    • How can a knowledge of Digital Citizenship, and basic web design improve your personal use of the internet?

    I can explain factors that influence message design (e.g. intended audience, medium, purpose, and nature of message) & practice responsible usage of technologies (practice safe use, download legally, & adhere to copyright restrictions).

     Graphic Design

    • How can skills gained in visual design programs like Paint, Photoshop, & Premiere improve both your academic, and personal life?

    I can edit individual parts of a visual design presentation without recreating the whole to integrate multimedial and visual displays into presentations to clarify information, strengthen claims and evidence, and add interest.

     Computer Literacy

    -         How can basic computer literacy impact your academics?

     I can determine the meaning of symbols, key terms, and other domain-specific words and phrases as they are used in Computer and multimedia technology being used. 





                        Check out "my links" for fun, exciting ways to use your cool new computer skills.


    Check out "My Links" for cool links to

     fun,exciting and free opportunities to use your new computer skills.