5th grade band

  • Welcome to 5th grade band!

    Click here to complete the band testing permission form for 5th grade band.

    There will be a parent meeting in the JMMS choir room on Thursday, September 14. You may attend at 4:00pm or 7:00pm. Instrument rental opportunities will be available at this time.

    Click here for the handout from the 5th grade band parent meeting.

    **When dropping your child off for band in the mornings, please drop them off at the door of entrance 5W. For the safety of students, please do NOT park in the parking lot and have your child walk through the car line. Thank you!**  

    20224 Band schedule (September 18, 2023 – May 20, 2024)

    Mondays All flutes and clarinets

    Tuesdays All saxophones and percussion

    Wednesdays All trumpets

    Thursdays All trombones and baritones

    Fridays Full band

    Welcome to the Jackson 5th grade band!

    • Band meets twice a week as scheduled by school and instrument

    • Beginning the week of September 18 with the exception of holidays, school breaks, waiver days, snow days, and any other days off.

    • There will always be band as long as school is in session until our final concert on May 20.

    • Band meets before school 7:40 - 8:30AM; students miss no class time. There are no after-school commitments other than concerts and practice time.

    • Performances (Please report prior to each concert to the JHS main gym by 6:00 pm with instrument, book, and music stand)

    Holiday Performance Monday, December 4 at 6:30pm (JHS Main Gym)

    Spring Performance Tuesday, May 20 at 6:30pm (JHS Main Gym)

    Equipment needed by all students:

    • Instrument in good working order (Students may not share instruments with other students/siblings.)

    • Tradition of Excellence book 1; baritones in bass clef, percussion specify for drums and mallets percussion. 

    • Folding music stand and pencil

    Additional concerns:

    • To start, we encourage renting over buying. You may rent/purchase your instrument anywhere you choose, however please avoid Amazon, Sam’s Club or Walmart. Rent your child’s instrument from a reputable local music store.
    • If you are selected for the baritone, they will be supplied by the school at no charge

    • Percussion: bell set, mallets, drum pad, drum sticks

    • Clarinet/Sax reeds: Juno 2 ½, La Voz Medium, or Rico Royal 2 ½


    • Full year commitment

    • Practice – schedule practice time. Designate a music area in the home.

    • Listen to your child play! 


    • Bus transportation to the school will be via the middle school bus schedule; If you do not know of a middle school pick-up location, please contact your elementary school secretary (not the bus garage). If you choose to drop your child off at JMMS, please use Entrance 5W and have them report to the South Cafeteria between 7:15-7:40am. For the safety of students, please do NOT park in the parking lot and have your child walk through the car line. 

    • Bus transportation to each elementary school will be provided following all band rehearsals.

    • Students will be met at the bus when they arrive at JMMS and escorted to the band area for their lesson and escorted to their bus at the conclusion of band.

    Recommended Instrument List:


    Gemeinhardt 52SP, 72SP 

    Yamaha YFL – 221 

    Emerson Alpha 

    Jupiter JFL - 507 

    Clarinet: (Plastic)

    Selmer 1400, CL300, CL301

    Selmer CLSOL300R

    Yamaha YCL – 20; YCL – 250 

    Jupiter JCL – 631 II 

    Clarinet: (Wood or Composite) 

    Buffet E11 France 

    Selmer CL100, CL200, CL201

    Yamaha YCL - 450N

    Alto Saxophone: 

    Selmer AS300, AS500 

    Yamaha YAS-23

    Jupiter JAX-769



    King 600, 601, 301

    Holton T602

    Yamaha YTR 2335


    Bach TRSOL300


    King 602, 603

    Holton C602

    Yamaha YCR-2310


    King 306, 606

    Holton TR602

    Bach TB300, TB600

    Bach TBSOL300

    Yamaha YSL-354

    Jupiter YSI-432L


    Drum Pad and Bell Kit with stand

    Ludwig/Musser M651


    Vic Firth

    *preferred - no note names on instrument




    All students will need the following book:

    "Tradition of Excellence" Book 1 for their instrument

    Tradition of Excellence


    Choosing an Instrument 

    Percussion equipment

    Percussionists are required to add to their beginner equipment throughout middle school. Now is a great time to plan ahead… these items would be wonderful gifts!

    5th grade: 1 pair of James Ross Innovative Percussion 902 xylophone/bell mallets $25

    1 pair of Vic Firth SD1 concert SD sticks $7

    6th grade: mallet/stick bag (Humes and Berg, Zildjian, Innovative Percussion, etc.) $25

    good practice pad:  12" Red ProLogix $45

    7th grade: 2 pair of yarn marimba mallets (Innovative Percussion IP 240) $60 total (could buy one pair in 7th, one pair in 8th)

    8th grade: 1 pair of rubber mallets:  Mike Balter 105b-(green) $16

    1 pair of marching snare drum sticks (Innovative Percussion Mike Mcintosh) $8

    5th grade band students will have weekly opportunities for “pass off” where they play specific songs individually with correct notes, rhythms, etc.

    Check your child’s name tag on their instrument to see how many songs they’ve passed off! Encourage them to practice at least 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes each time and they’ll continue passing off songs in class. Thanks for your support! 

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