Washington D.C. Trip

  •  Washington DC FALL 2022 Nov 1-3 Itinerary   

    DC Drop off and pick up information

    Drop off should be no later than 6:00.  Students can start entering their designated door at 5:15.
    If your student is on buses 1-4 you will drop off and pick up on the West side (Sauder Elementary Side) of the building.  They will enter into doors 5W and head to the Gold Gym.   
    If your student is on buses 5-8 you will drop off and pick up on the East side (Bus Garage side) of the building.  They will enter into doors 20E and head to the Purple Gym.
    Once your student enters the gym they will find their bus table and check in and everybody's luggage will be searched.   Remember we are only going for 2.5 days.  Pack what you will need but remember the student will be responsible for their own luggage.  
    Pick up will vary depending on traffic coming home.  Our goal time is 7:30 but we will have students call when we get back into Ohio.  Again pick up on the same side as you dropped off.   Please stay out of the parking lot in front of the school right off of Mudbrook.  Buses will pull in all along the curb. 
    HOODIES on Tuesday,  we will have them at all times on the bus with us.   Wear a Purple shirt on for Wednesday or at least a Jackson shirt

    Washington DC FALL 2022 Nov 1-3 Itinerary   ( Finalized Itinerary)

    Tuesday Nov 1

    6:00 8 Barons Bus Lines Motorcoaches * Arrive 

    6:30 Depart to Gettysburg

    8:30 Restroom Stop Enroute Oakmont Plaza Approx. * Driver Relief

    11:00 Lunch /Restroom Stop Sideling Hill Plaza 

    Students pack their own lunches/beverage

    1:30 Arrival Gettysburg 

    • Visitor Center Film, Cyclorama, Museum, Guided Battlefield Tour

    4:30 Depart for Washington DC 

    6:00 Buses 1-4 Pentagon Memorial-  Pentagon City Mall Food Court (Dinner Voucher)

    Buses 5-8 Pentagon City Mall Food Court (Dinner Voucher) - Pentagon Memorial


    8:00-9:30 Korean, WWII, Lincoln, Vietnam, Memorials 

    10:00 Check-In Crowne Plaza Hotel, Greenbelt Md. (301-441-3700) 

    • Room Check & Goodnight Student Watchers” Security 10pm-6am

    Wednesday, November 2 

    9:00 - 10:30 Arlington Cemetery (All buses at 10:00 change of guard)

    Buses 1-4 Leave for Mount Vernon at 10:30

    Busses 5-8 Leave for Mont Vernon at 11:00

    Mount Vernon Estate

    11:00 Arrival Buses 1-4 11:30  Arrival Buses 5-8

    11:00 Lunch 11:30  Lunch

    11:30 Sight see the grounds 12:00 Sight see the grounds

    12:30 Mansion Tours 1:00 Mansion Tours

    1:25 Leave for Smithsonians 2:00 Leave for Smithsonians

    2:30-5:15/5:30 Smithsonian Mall Museums Flex Time  * Chaperone/Student Groups

    Buses 1-4 Drop at White House then walk to Smithsonians

    Buses 5-8 Drop at Capitol then walk to the Smithsonians

    • Natural History, American History, Archives, Holocaust

    5:15 Buses 1-4 Arrive for Dinner at  Reagan Commerce Building Food Court

    5:30 Buses 5-8 Arrive for Dinner at Reagan Commerce Building Food Court 

    6:30-8:00 MLK, FDR, Jefferson Memorials 

    8:00-9:00 Buses 1-4    Air Force Museum / Marine Iwo Jima

    Buses 5-8    Marine Iwo Jima / Air Force Museum

    9:45 Return to Hotel

    10:15 Lights out and room check – Student Watchers Security 10pm-6am

    Thursday, November 3

    7:00 Buffet Breakfast at Hotel 

    8:00 Depart Hotel 


    • Buses 1-4 Drop at the Capitol and walk to the Smithsonians

    • Buses 5-8 Drop at the White House and walk to the Smithsonians

    12:00 Freshology Box Lunches Delivered  (?)

    12:30 Depart For JMMS

    Restroom/Dinner Stop 4pm * Personal Pizzas, Bottled Water


    Buses 1-5 Gateway Plaza

    Buses 6-8 Oasis Plaza

    Restroom Stop Ohio Border

    Arrive Back At Jackson Middle School 8pm

    Welcome to our Jackson Memorial Middle School Washington D.C. Trip. We are very excited to provide this educational opportunity for our Jackson 8th grade students. Traveling Classrooms is our partner agency that will host this field trip. They have hosted tours for 35 years as well as have worked with Jackson School district for multiple years. They are excited to organize another successful Washington D.C. trip for your 8th grade student!

    ***Date of Trip: November 1,2,3  2022***



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