Washington D.C. Trip

  • Hello Parents: 

    7th Grade Washington D.C. Trip 2019
    May 16-18

    The Washington DC trip is set for May 16-18 of 2019. The Washington DC trip is closed. 
    We currently have 8 full bus loads going to DC! 
    Student Packing tips are listed below on the student meeting page. Student's need to be dropped off at designated areas between 5:30 AM - 5:50 AM. Buses 1-4 will be on the West Side (Sauder Side) and buses 5-8 will be on the East Side (Purple Gym). This is drop and go only. No parents will enter the building. Student's will enter the gym and our staff will be doing a light search of all luggage and carry on bags.
    We pull out of the building by 6:30 AM. We will not wait for anyone. The schedule is too tight. 
    We should return on Saturday evening between 8:30 PM - 9:00 PM.

    Contact Mr. Michel at 330-830-8034 ext. 3506 

    We are using Traveling Classrooms as are tour company. Click on name to go to their website.


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