Choosing an instrument

  • Choosing an instrument  

    Choosing an Instrument

    Starting with an instrument that suits your child and is in good working order will ensure that they get a great start in band.  The band staff will be coming to your child's school during their music class to let them try out the instruments. 

    Once you select an instrument, you will be able to rent that instrument from a local music store (details will be given at the parent meeting).To start, we encourage renting over buying. You may rent/purchase your instrument anywhere you choose, however please avoid Amazon, Sam’s Club or Walmart. Rent your child’s instrument from a reputable local music store.

    If you already own an instrument, bring it to the parent meeting and one of the band staff can check it over for you. Please consider renting or purchasing an instrument on our recommended instrument list.

    Choose your instrument: flute

    Choose your instrument: clarinet

    Choose your instrument: alto sax

    Choose your instrument: trumpet

    Choose your instrument: trombone

    Choose your instrument: baritone

    Choose your instrument: percussion



    Gemeinhart, Yamaha, Emerson, Jupiter


    Plastic - Selmer, Yamaha, Bundy, Vito, Jupiter

    Wood - Buffet, Selmer, Yamaha


    La Voz Medium or Rico Royal #2.5


    Selmer, Keilwerth, Jupiter, Yanigazawa


    La Voz Medium or Rico Royal #2.5


    King, Holton, Yamaha, Bach, Jupiter


    King, Holton, Bach, Yamaha, Jupiter 


    (school supplies the instrument)

    PERCUSSION (bells and drums)

    Drum Pad and Bell Kit w/stand - Ludwig Musser M651 or Yamaha Equivalent

    Sticks:  2B or equivalent