Choosing an instrument

  • Choosing an instrument  



    Choosing an Instrument

    Starting with an instrument that suits your child and is in good working order will ensure that they get a great start in band.  The band staff will be coming to your child's school during their music class to let them try out the instruments. 

    Once you select an instrument, you will be able to rent that instrument from a local music store (details will be given at the parent meeting).

    If you already own an instrument, bring it to the parent meeting and one of the band staff can check it over for you. 

    Recommended Instrument List:


    Flute:                                                                Trombone:

    Gemeinhardt 52SP, 72SP                                 King 306, 606

    Yamaha YFL – 221                                         Holton TR602

    Emerson Alpha                                                 Bach TB300, TB600    

    Jupiter JFL - 507                                              Bach TBSOL300

                                                                            Yamaha YSL-354       

    Clarinet: (Plastic)                                              Jupiter YSI-432L

    Selmer 1400, CL300, CL301                  

    Selmer CLSOL300R                                        Percussion:      

    Yamaha YCL – 20; YCL – 250                       Drum Pad and Bell Kit with stand        

    Jupiter JCL – 631 II                                         Ludwig/Musser M651 


    Clarinet: (Wood or Composite)                         Vic Firth          

    Buffet   E11 France                                         *preferred - no note names on instrument         

    Selmer CL100, CL200, CL201                                   

    Yamaha YCL - 450N                                      Cornet:

                                                                            King 602, 603

    Alto Saxophone:                                               Holton C602   

    Selmer AS300, AS500                                     Yamaha YCR-2310    

    Yamaha YAS-23                                                        

    Jupiter JAX-769                                               Trumpet:          

    Keilwerth                                                         King 600, 601, 301

                                                                            Holton T602

                                                                            Yamaha YTR 2335


                                                                            Bach TRSOL300



    Gemeinhart, Yamaha, Emerson, Jupiter


    Plastic - Selmer, Yamaha, Bundy, Vito, Jupiter

    Wood - Buffet, Selmer, Yamaha


    La Voz Medium or Rico Royal #2.5


    Selmer, Keilwerth, Jupiter, Yanigazawa


    La Voz Medium or Rico Royal #2.5


    King, Holton, Yamaha, Bach, Jupiter


    King, Holton, Bach, Yamaha, Jupiter 


    (school supplies the instrument)

    PERCUSSION (bells and drums)

    Drum Pad and Bell Kit w/stand - Ludwig Musser M651 or Yamaha Equivalent

    Sticks:  2B or equivalent